Wednesday, December 31, 2008

The end of another great year

Yes I feel very blessed in this year and I have had many things to be thankful for. 2008 was a great year for us here at 2 tikes and I hope 2009 is as great. We had lots of great things happen, Meredith turned 2, Noah had his first birthday, Josh and I survived in our first year of parenting 2 tikes under 2, Josh became board certified, we have made many great friends in this town we live in and so have our children. Yes, 2008 has been very good indeed.

To start this New Year off right I thought I would make a few resolutions. I am not great with them at all. In fact I don't think I have ever gotten as far as thinking about what I would want to make as a resolution, much less making any or achieving them. So here it goes....

In 2009 I am going to....
  • get in shape physically --- I've lost all but 5lbs of the baby weight, but I really need to tone up, especially if there maybe a baby number 3 one day.
  • get in shape financially --- I am going to vow to cut my useless spending and put myself on a real budget, if we don't need it, we ain't buying it.
  • get my house in shape --- I'm not going to do this overnight, but I am hoping to at least pick up after myself and then maybe others will follow suit....we'll see how this goes.
  • live everyday like it is my last--- life is just way too short and these new year's just keep coming faster and faster.

And that is it, because really I don't want to push myself too far at first. Happy New Year to all of you!

Tuesday, December 30, 2008

What she says....The goose

Tonight we put Meredith to bed with the usual ritual. Bath, brushing teeth, pottying, reading books, singing the goodnight song, prayers, and finally without any more procrastinating bed time. The last couple of nights we have been letting her keep her lamp on to read books in her bed. The child LOVES to read. She has memorized every book we have and if you didn't know better you would think she was reading them and not repeating them from memory.

She also got a Tag from Leapfrog for Christmas. I know it is for ages 4-7, but she loves it and is good at it. And she plays with it for at least an hour everyday and would read all night long with it in her bed until she passed out from sheer exhaustion.

So because she will read in the dark if we turn out the light I decided to give her 15-20 minutes of alone reading time before we say "lights out" and have added that into the night time ritual. She is thrilled with this new privilege and hasn't abused it yet. Here is what happened tonight when Josh tucked her in.

8:15 p.m.
"You can read for a few minutes and then I will turn your light off"

"Okay dad"

tag reading a mile a minute

tag still reading a mile a minute

"Bug, your light is still on?"

"Daddy said it could stay on"

"Oh well it's time to go to bed, we have to turn it off"

"No mommy, daddy said it could stay on all night."

"I see, well I'm going to go talk to daddy and see what's going on"

I then started walking out the room with the lamp still on and the tag still reading a mile a minute.

"Mommy are you gonna get daddy's goose?"

"Yes, I most definitely am going to get daddy's goose for this"


"Did you tell Meredith she could keep her lamp on all night"

"No, I told her 5 minutes"


"Like an hour ago....did you turn it off?"

"No, I told her 5 more minutes, I'm going to let you be the bad guy"


"Honey you have to go up there and be the bad guy now"

"I know, I'm on my way"


"So I turned it off"


"Yeah she wanted to know if you got my goose and then I told her good nigh and turned off the light"

"Well done sweetheart"

It only took $2.50 to make their day

Today I took the kids to the playground and the zoo. It was supposed to be a meet up play date with some friends, but we were over an hour late so it was more of a high five as we were crossing paths and "nice to see you too". It could have been a great time, but I just couldn't get my shit together this morning.

I am normally early everywhere we go, EVERYWHERE. It is my nature, how I was raised. I hate being late. I can't help it. However with two tiny tikes it is impossible to get everywhere on time, although I try damn hard. 5 or 10 minutes is allowable, but I was seriously an hour late. So we said hello, gobbled down the drive thru lunch I picked up for them and then played and headed off to the zoo solo, since we missed the trip with them. Sorry guys...things have been crazy here.

Anyway I was late today because my kids slept until 9am....YES 9AM and so did I! Sorry honey. I don't know why they never do this on Saturday mornings when we have no place to go. Then I had to brush three sets of teeth, dress three people, find 6 shoes (which is no easy task) and get out the door with lunch....hence the drive thru. So we arrived, ate, played and then ventured off on our own to the zoo.

We saw the tiny assortment of animals at our zoo and I was happy didn't have to answer the question I always get about where the giraffes or elephants were. It is really hard to explain to a 2 year old why we just don't have those animals at our zoo. Today my little inquiring minds were much more curious about the animals that were actually at our zoo?

"Momma is dat a cow?"

"No, thats a....I don't"

"Is it a horse?"

"No it definitely isn't a cow or a's a.....a uh.....yeah baby momma doesn't know what that is....maybe an ant eater?"


Why can't our zoo have normal animals and if one of you knows what that huge thing is on the way to the jaguar help me out please!

So we finished the zoo and then as we were heading out, Meredith asked to ride the carousel. I obliged, tickets were only a $1.25 and Noah got to ride free so we hopped on the carousel. The man working it gave us a really long ride, I was pretty sure I was going to vomit any second. But Meredith and Noah squealed and laughed and smiled and were so happy. Noah felt like such a big boy on his own horse and I am pretty sure he was trying to get that horse to gallop faster. Meredith loved that no one was holding her on her horse. She was riding all by herself and was proud of being the big girl.

After our ride we walked back to the loser cruiser and hopped in. And Meredith told me...."Mom that was such a good day....Me and Noah had soooo much fun!"

Me too guys. It was a blast and I am blessed to be able to do this everyday of my life with you guys.

Sunday, December 28, 2008

I don't even want to say it so I will whisper...

I *think* Noah is on the mend. He still has bloody goop dripping out of his ear, but not quite like a running faucet anymore. More like one that has a tiny yet annoying leak. The antibiotics appear to be working. We are planning to take another trip to that unforseen, hexed place that never seems to happen. I don't know why we are planning it, I'm just asking for another ER visit. But we do have family Christmas visit obligations to be filled.....oh joy!

what she says......should be censored

Today Noah went over to take a chomp out of Meredith's chest. Why? My son likes to bite, anything. I am trying not to be the mom of a biter, we'll see how it goes. We gave him the standard "no, no!" and then moved him away. Meredith then proceeded with this....

"Mommy I have milk"

"You do, where?"

"In my boobies"

" you have big or small boobies?"

"small boobies"

"What about mommy?"

"big boobies"

"What about Nanny?"

"big boobies"

"What about Mimi?"


I nearly spit out my coke and then Josh and I were rolling on the floor laughing. mom's boobs are significantly bigger than mine and my sister's, but we have never really had this conversation with Meredith. Oh well she calls them like she sees them.

Thursday, December 25, 2008

An adventure called Christmas

Christmas this year has been a little unusual for us. We are spending a quiet day at home alone. Although I enjoy the quiet time with my little family, I miss the chaotic norm of Christmas with my family. Unfortunately we weren't able to make the drive this year to Nola, even though our dishes were prepared, gifts packed and outfits ironed and ready. At midnight last night just as we heard Santa's sleigh leaving the rooftop, our baby tike was up screaming.

He wasn't crying, he was screaming. For 3 hours he screamed, which sent this momma into a panic. After a call to the pediatrician's office with no luck, Josh put a call into a friend who was working at the ER around 2am.....Laura tell Robert thank you for easing my worries.

We decided to keep him home and he finally passed out around 3am. At 5am my baby was back up and screaming, so we rocked him and cuddled him and at 7am we noticed his ear was running like a faucet so we called his pediatrician again and he suggested we take him to the ER so we did. They found nothing at the ER. He finally settled down for a nap around 10am. Mimi and Poppa then headed out with our dishes and gifts for our family in Nola.

We have since talked to Noah's ENT and are giving him pain relief drops and antibiotic drops for his ear infection that the ER doctor missed. Noah is better now, but still not Noah and Meredith is having a ball playing with her toys. They aren't old enough yet to realize the fun they are missing with our chaotic family Christmas, we will be there next year with bells on.

Here is hoping you and yours has a very Merry Christmas, ours is started to look better now that my littlest tike has a smile on his face.

Tuesday, December 23, 2008

An accident waiting to happen

Oh my Noah man, yes that is what you are. Right now your dad is finishing up your bath and you are squealing in delight. Seconds before you were crying huge crocodile tears, because you bumped your head....again. It's amazing we haven't had an emergency room trip for a concussion......or for anything for that matter.

In the past few days you have had some accidents that have made my head spin and some almost accidents that make me question my parenting skills. You fell four times while watching your sister at gymnastics yesterday. Each time your head made a thud so loud it hurt my head. Today alone you have fallen off of the rocking chair head first, you have flown out of your sister's baby doll stroller and hit your head on the ceramic tile floor, you fell face first while trying to walk. All of those things today.

Everyday I deal with things like and your sister decided it would be awesome to push one another around the house in the baby doll stroller. You toddled and she rode, then she ran and you rode. The faster she pushed, the louder you laughed and squealed. Then she hit a bump and you literally flew through the air and hit your head on the ceramic tile. You cried and cried, but not because you cried because you weren't IN the stroller anymore and you wanted back in it. In fact it wasn't really a cry it was more of a I'm pissed off type of scream, so you fixed the crawled over and got back in and yelled for her to push you again.

Even though you are sick with a fever and bright rosy cheeks and a faucet for a nose, it hasn't slowed you down one bit. You head dove into my suitcase this morning. You head dove into the Tupperware drawer, you tried to head dive into an empty bathtub. Nothing slows you down and these are things you do everyday my dear....everyday.

Yesterday after the washer incident, we had another life threatening incident. I didn't have the baby gate locked at the bottom of the stairs, you noticed this and took full advantage of the situation. The phone rang and while I answered it, you took full advantage of my lack of attention. You easily slid the gate open and were on your way. I also had laid my scissors that I had out wrapping gifts down on the steps...I know who let me be a mother? By the time I hung up from my 5 second conversation you were no where in sight. I called your name to hear you giggling from the top of the steps. I rushed upstairs and there you were sitting at the top grinning from ear to ear, holding on to my scissors. I shudder at the thought of what could have happened. I wonder at what point the Internets may call DCFS on me.

You are a climber, it is your nature, it will be the death of me. You aren't in the least bit cautious or careful, you focus on your destination and you get there no matter how hard it seems or how dangerous it may be. I know some people may thing you don't understand danger and that is what I am for, I totally agree. However I have a child older than you my dear and she is the very definition of cautious. You are so different. So free spirited, so determined, so adventurous.

If I survive your toddler hood I will be so proud of myself for keeping you out of harms way. But every now and then can you throw me a bone kid and just sit still for 10 seconds? I love you my little man, but giving me heart attacks everyday is killing me. My little accident waiting to happen.

Monday, December 22, 2008

A Heart attack!

Dearest Noah,

I wanted to let you know that if you ever climb into the washing machine again you are going to time out! I don't care if you are only 13 months old. It only took you 2 seconds to get away from me and into the washer. Luckily I found you before you sister closed the door and started the thing. You are sure to give me a heart attack before you are two.


Sunday, December 21, 2008

Every once in a while....

Josh and I get to get all dressed up too.
However we are bound to be a mess before we leave....not our fault!

Saturday, December 20, 2008

What she says....all better

Meredith didn't really sleep last night. She was crying all night, but not really awake. So this morning Josh got up with the kids and let me sleep in, it was heavenly. Here is his report from when Meredith work up.

"Daddy, we going on a trip to see Poppy Greg?"

No sweetheart unfortunately we can't today, Daddy has to work Monday morning bright and early. It wouldn't be fair for him to take off and have to cancel all the patients that need to see him before their deductibles go up in January.

Glad your feeling much better my little stinker!

Friday, December 19, 2008

Well we didn't exactly make it to Memphis

In fact we didn't make it past a mile away when we had to turn around for the 2nd time. Meredith woke up this morning at 8am. We decided to let her sleep in since she was up so late last night. At 8am when she awoke she definitely was not herself. She didn't want breakfast and just laid on the floor not talking, not running around, not whining or crying. She just laid there. so I knew that our curse on Memphis had once again struck. The curse being that every time we plan a trip to Memphis our kids become violently ill. I'm not even making this up, nor do I wish it upon them or give them something to cause a hyperactive gag reflux either, despite what some may think. I am pretty confident that my father-in-law now suspects we make this up. We don't.

Anyway we continued on with our packing and plans to head out despite Meredith's weird behavior. One because I wanted to get the trip over with and not have to rearrange schedules and pick a new weekend. Second because I knew Josh's dad was really looking forward to it and I wanted to give him his Christmas wish. Which was that our family was healthy and able to make the trip. I know hand you a Kleenex, that last statement makes me look like a wicked witch, but whatever.

So we got in the car and made it out the driveway and to the next subdivision when we realized we forgot the phone charger and had to turn around. I needed my cell phone which contained my only Internet access. As we were pulling back into our driveway Meredith started vomiting everywhere. She hadn't eaten or drank anything so it was just clear fluids, but the smell was awful. I whipped her out the car seat and carried her like a baby and the poor thing was so confused she asked...."Momma....whose house is dis?"

We brought her in and I cleaned her up while Josh simultaneously cleaned the van and Noah sat happily in his car seat throwing cheerios. We all came inside and regrouped, where we decided to go ahead with our original plans and brave the trip with a sick kid. She really didn't seem that sick other than the touch of vomit that touched everywhere in the loser cruiser. So we changed out the car seats and put the one from Josh's car in and then reloaded the van with our new movies and tikes and headed out again.

We made it as far as our local chickfila when our sick tike asked for lemonade. Who was I to deny her lemonade. I was the one after all making her travel while nauseated and vomiting. Sure my baby could definitely have lemonade and a chicken biscuit if she wanted. We ordered our lemonades and made it to the window when the vomit struck again. This time I got it, Meredith got it, the loser cruiser was doomed and Noah was still laughing and throwing cheerios.

At that point my husband made the executive decision to head home and cancel yet another Memphis trip. He did utter something about the kids at least seeing where he was from once before they were thirty. Hopefully we can make that happen. I think this was the 6th trip we cancelled due to them getting sick....I'm not joking.....or exaggerating. Neither one of my kids have ever been to Memphis. Meredith has while in utero twice, but that's it.

So we got home cleaned up the van once more, cleaned up the child who sweetly said "Momma can I take my clothes wit da fro up off?" I stripped her down and wiped her down and then put her jammys on and put her in my bed with her new movie. Where she proceeded to fro up and nap all day. I think we have changed the sheets three times now. We dont' have the best aim for the bucket. Now she is feeling better, a little warm, but back to herself. Another Memphis trip doomed from the get go. Noah is starting to get very cranky, hopefully he won't "fro up" soon.

Now I have to reschedule and I know there is a good chance I will have a house guest for Christmas. Ba humbug!

Thursday, December 18, 2008

It's 10:30 do you know where your children are?

I her bed playing with Woody, Jessie and bulls-eye. Seriously. Today we went to Libby Lu on a date with her pal Adalyn and Mrs. Katey. The girls had makeovers, but I'm convinced that the secretly injected my kid with caffiene or perhaps it was concealed in the glitter covering her from head to toe and was absorbed through the skin. Whatever it is, my child ain't sleeping. However she isnt' whining for me to come lay with her or getting out of her bed. It will be her complaining in the morning when I awake her for our very long car ride to memphis. Noah is tuckered out peacefully in his bed since 8pm. He had a playdate today with this cute little guy and it just wore him out. Talk about two of a kind.....we can't wait to play with Ethan again.

Ahh Memphis. Yep, that is where we are headed tomorrow. Meredith thought we were going back to Disney World. Don't I wish! Nope we are headed for a quick weekend trip to visit my in-law. I have to be honest when I say I'm not looking forward to it. I'm not looking forward to 10+ hours in the car with a 72 hour time frame. I'm not looking forward to policing two young children in a non-baby proofed/kid friendly home. I'm not looking forward to explaining to someone who isn't around children why that activity/restaurant/schedule will not work for my 2 and 1 year old. Yeah....I guess you get the drift, not one of my most looked forward to trips. But I will survive and stop bitching. Yes, children I too love your poppy. I just have a funny way of showing things sometimes.

Sorry about my lack of blogging internets. Seriously. One of the most blog addicted people ever is not blogging or blog reading. What the bloody hell?! Well we can blame this one on my husband. Several weeks ago our wireless router went out or the modem or who knows what the hell happened, but the damn thing quit. So after crying and whining like a two year old my husband headed to Best Buy to get a new thing a majig. Well that damn thing a majig quit too and the whining and crying continued along with the bitching and moaning and cursing of comcast. Seriously, what is the point of a fast connection if you never freaking work!?!?! Yeah we should once again move on and it probably isn't Josh's fault, but the Comcast man doesn't live with me so Josh gets the brunt of my lack of interent frustration.

Anyways I now have to walk my lazy bum upstairs to blog and really, I'm tired. So my blogging has been very sporadic and just plain bad lately. I have the material to blog about. In fact dozens of cute pictures are sitting 0m an SD card in my camera just waiting to get their shot on the blog. Maybe one day or we will just move forward and skip those happy times.

I also have a few more rants about Tampax and how they don't live up to their end of the bargain and how people take too long in public restrooms and many, many more but I'll spare you. I have PMS for the first time in over 3 years. Yes I said that correctly....the first time in over 3 years and it is hell I tell ya. Just ask my husband.

So tomorrow we head out, I will be packed as soon as the washer buzzes and I can throw those clothes in the dryer and then wake up and throw them in the suitcase and grab every thing else we forgot and then load up the van. Can you believe we used to be people who packed the care the night before....yeah neither can I.

Well I think little Mizzie Grace is finally sleeping....I'm going tuck my tikes in and hit the hay. Have a great weekend and think of me, then have a shot of whatever you are drinking for me. 72 hours is not that long. I'll see you on the flip side. No Mr. Technology doesn't have wireless or high speed.....I know I'm in for a long weekend....argh!

Monday, December 15, 2008

Twas the week before Christmas....

And all through the week....their were Christmas parties happening all over town. Not a present was wrapped, not a snack was prepared. Just a momma in her kitchen going mad!

So it may not rhyme at all, but that is seriously how I feel. We had such a busy weekend and the only down time I had I did stationery for other people. I never got to any of the gifts I was going to make for Meredith's teachers/gym coaches/dance teachers/class friends/and so on. So before each party I am scrambling to get things done. Since they are all getting some form of stationery....I am literally making each gift. Plus gifts for many other teachers all over town. At least I am not the only procrastinator in town.

Wednesday I stayed up late working on Noah's Mother's Day out teachers' gifts, only for school to be cancelled and him not need them. Then I realized he had MDO this week, so that is the only gift done ahead of time. Today I did Meredith's dancing teacher's gift right before we walked out the door and I just finished her classroom buddies, secretaries, and teachers' gifts. Yes I said teacherS! It wasn't enough to bring Mrs. Jenny a present, but she wanted to bring them to all the two year old teachers and the music teacher. My giving child. So I just finished. And on top of that I have been managing my very busy stationery business. I still have people ordering Christmas cards. I think at this point I would have just given up!

We leave for Memphis Friday, not a bag is packed, not a present is wrapped, in fact I'm not sure I even purchased them all. Hmmmm. I need to recheck my list. We get home in enough time for me to freak out about Christmas and then enjoy it.....the life of a busy mom.

So forgive my lack of decent blogs, my head is spinning I am so damn busy. I promise to be back to my witty old self you miss so much....all 3 of you!

Now I am off to lay my head on the pillow before I think of one more thing I have to do!

Sunday, December 14, 2008

A very busy weekend with all things Christmas

This weekend was a very busy weekend in deed. When we weren't playing the kids were resting and we were working. We did all things Christmas this weekend. Next weekend we are headed to Memphis to do our Christmas with Poppy Greg so we were running out of time to fit everything in. Here is a recap and a few pictures. Although I didn't have the camera for every holiday inspired activity. We started off Friday, by going to the mall to visit with the Old Kris Kringle himself. Meredith readily walked over and jumped on his lap. She informed him that she wanted a pink kitchen, a big TV, and a big jump jump or trampoline. I am pretty sure that Santa has room for a pink kitchen, but I am not so sure about the rest, maybe in a few years. She also told Santa that Noah wanted a blue kitchen and some trucks. We shall see. Noah was a little more hesitant around Santa. He screamed when I placed him on his lap and then proceeded to stick his arms out for me crying. The photo lady, my mom and I danced around and clapped trying to get him to stop crying and smile. Once he saw us acting like fools he quit crying and began to just pout. He finally put his arms down and gave a little smile, we snapped a quick photo and then I rescued him off of Santa's lap. After the mall visit with Santa we waved goodbye to Mimi and Poppa and headed to Josh's work for his office's Christmas lunch. Meredith loved going to her Daddy's work and Noah enjoyed seeing his daddy during the weekday.

Friday night we headed to get pizza and then to Lewis Lights. Meredith loved it last year, but didn't remember it at all. She kept asking what it was the whole ride there. Finally we arrived and her and I ran ahead where she posed for a picture with the lights. She was so excited. Lewis Lights is a house in the middle of no where that decorates extraordinarily so that families here have some place to view Christmas lights. We decided that we would make it a tradition for our little family of four every year. Something to look forward to.

Here is Meredith very happy to be at Lewis Lights and pose for a picture.
Here is my crew arriving at Lewis Lights, I see that I cut out the word Lewis behind us.

Me and my two butter beans. Notice Noah didn't want to sit on my lap, he wanted to sit on the bench like his big sister....he's getting to be such a big boy! Now if he would just try walking he could run around with his sister.

Noah went through the whole thing pointing and saying O0h OoOoOoOoOoh! It was so cute, and something he did entirely on his own.

Meredith ran through dancing and singing and posing. She loved it!

Towards the end Noah wanted to get down and crawl. The ground was way too damp and cold though. Little Noah man if you would try walking you could do it and then you could run after sister on your own!

More lights....say Ooh! Meredith ran up to this tree and said "momma take my picture wit da tree!" Then she told me she wasn't a turkey she was a are so right my child.

That night we got home later than usual and skipped baths. The kids fell fast asleep they were exhausted from our evening out and busy day. The next morning we awoke bright and early. Meredith and I were having a girl day and going to bake Christmas cookies with Santa. We met Katey and Adalyn there and she was stoked. I kept this a surprise. I have learned it works better than her trying to figure out when we are going since we don't have the concept of time down pat yet.

Here we are, the "big girls" going to bake cookies! We had to wear matching boots today and she is jumping up and down from excitement!

Ready to make the cookies. Meredith was so excited she wouldn't take her eyes off the cookies for a picture.

Here is Meredith and Adalyn ready to make cookies with their mommies!

My little chef concentrating on her cookie making. I have to say we both really got into it, it was lots of fun.

The finished products, we made 8 cookies and then Meredith started eating. The lady told her to pick a 9th cookie to make for her mommy. Meredith picked me out a snowman and then gave it to me to make myself...."here mommy you do it, I'm eating my cookies!" Adalyn did the same thing, she picked one and told Katey to decorate it. I think Katey and I had as much fun as the girls.

finished products take 2...

Then Santa came out. My big brave girl was the first to run over and hop on his lap. She was only upset that she had to leave her cookies. She did want one more chance to tell him she wanted a pink kitchen, big TV and big jump jump.

She then got a present from Santa with a balloon and coffee cup. It was a plastic cup that looked like a miniature coffee cup she was thrilled. Inside were really cute colored measuring spoons and cups by kitchen aid. I love them....Awesome.
After our cooking class we headed home to make grilled cheese and his the streets. Saturday night we headed downtown to see the Luminaries and ride in a horse drawn open sleigh. It was gorgeous and a lot of fun. Meredith and Noah squealed with delight. We ran into Santa again, this time we were over telling him what we wanted and just sat on his lap for a picture.
Today we are finishing up the weekend by finishing up decorating the house and we all pitched in to make a big pot of gumbo. Mmmm it smells so good!

Thursday, December 11, 2008

Just a typical Thursday snow ball fight

Sure it is just a typical Thursday morning here in the burg! Snow ball fights, cardboard sled riding, snow angels, and pizza. Yes, a typical Thursday morning in deed. When we woke up this morning and saw the snow, visions of being cramped up in the house all day crossed through my head. Josh had to work and I couldn't let Noah crawl around in the snow while we were outside playing and so I thought this could be a very long day. Then Katey called and off we went to play in the snow. After all I went and visited Katey the last time it snowed so it only seemed natural to spend our snow day with them. Mimi came with us so she could stay inside to watch Noah. They sat inside with Mee maw and Burke. Then us girls headed out to play!

Here are the girls all bundled up and ready to head out.
Noah is completely jealous he can't go out to play.

Trying to get the door open!
Adalyn and Meredith getting ready for a snowball fight.This morning when Katey called she invited us to go sledding. I have to say she is such a fun mom. Here she is pushing the girls on our first attempt....the cardboard sled.And here she is pushing them again on the top of a rubbermaid container sled....she is a genius!And our third and final sled, the water skiing sled. She called Pee paw who happened to have one and filled it with air and ran it over. Here they are getting ready to go down the hill.....Whee! They only tumbled out once. Then Jeff got home and brought pizza. After a quick break to eat and dry off our clothes, we headed back out for more fun. He helped the girls build a great big snowman. Poor Josh was still stuck at work.

Here is the snow man with the finishing touches....See his earmuffs, eyes, nose and mouth!
Then before we headed in we made snow angels.
They were soaked, but had so much fun!
Then Mr. Jeff pulled them home!

Thanks Katey for having us over to play! It was a blast, Meredith came home exhausted and can't wait to do it all again tomorrow! I guess she will be quite disappointed when she wakes up and all the snow is gone!

And once again it is white all around

So for the second time this year it has snowed. It snowed last winter in January and now again in December. I'm not believing the locals when they say it doesn't snow here in South Mississippi often. Perhaps we brought the snow to town when we moved.

Here is what we woke up to this morning. And my snow babies

Looking down our street. Isn't it gorgeous?

Our big ass play structure.
My little snow man.

The two men in my life.

And the snow princess....isn't she gorgeous?

After this we went inside and she cried her hands were freezing....I wonder why?

Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Wow....Look at Mimi!

So this morning my dad called to tell me to look at the paper, because my mom was featured in it. Well I don't get the paper, but I do get the internet. Congrats Mimi! That was a fantastic interview and very awesome of you to give so much of your time. Lots of people talk about volunteering, but very few ever follow through. I'm proud to have such a great role model and that my children do too!

Check out the story here.

The good things

Yesterday I read Blair's post and it got me thinking....

"We do have bad days. And good days. We have good days sprinkled with some bad. And bad days sprinkled with some good. And everything else in between."

And I started thinking, yesterday I thought of all the things that went wrong, but what I failed to mention were all the good things. Like how excited Meredith was to see me when I picked her up from school. How yesterday morning at Sam's Noah's smile and laughing brought smiles to my face as well as everyone else in Sam's. How an elderly man came over to talk to us and tell us how seeing my happy baby boy brought such joy to his day. How I got big bear hugs from my Noah man all day yesterday. How excited Meredith was when she told me how she was line leader. How after our biggest temper tantrum yesterday, she walked up to me and hugged me tight and told me "I love you so much momma". How I got most of the laundry at the back door clean, even thought it hasn't found it way into dresser drawers or closets yet. How when my husband got home at 5, my kids rushed to the back door to greet him. How he made things all better when he got home. How he willingly watched the kids last night so I could do dinner and a movie with friends.

Yes even my worst days are sprinkled with lots of good. Thank you Blair for reminding me of that. This is the best job in the world to me, but it is definitely not the easiest.

Tuesday, December 9, 2008

So is a day in the life with two.

This morning we awoke at our usual time. Meredith had school today and was the snack helper and line leader so our bags were packed the night before and waiting at the back door to help me out. I made the 2 tikes eggs, because we have pop karks or pop tarts and oatmeal every morning of our life I decided to do something different and put a little effort into it.

The effort proved fruitless....Noah lovingly tossed his on the floor and to Brownie and Meredith pleaded for a pop kark! I dressed the eggs up with a little ketchup thinking that might be helpful, but the result was the same....the pleading and begging....the tossing to the dog.

I threw away two eggs, with ketchup....I made oatmeal and a pop tart. I should have realized how my day would unfold this morning, but yet I continued to try and be productive. The key word being tried. I then headed to school late....two breakfasts set me way back. I dropped off tike #1 and then headed to the post office, where I realized I only had half the stuff I needed to mail. I then was going to head to Sam's but realized I left the list at home and had no clue what was on it. clue.

I ran home and grabbed the list and the rest of the things that needed to be mailed out. I headed back out with tike #2 to Sam's. We got out and headed in where I realized my list was in the car. I opted to shop without the list and called my list maker at work to see what we needed. Three hundred dollars later I walked out with everything on my list and few Christmas presents and things that I didn't need as well.

I then headed to buy some clothing for a family in need....there it one productive thing today.

I got home and unloaded the stuff and tike #2 with enough time to switch laundry, fold a batch, and then get back in the car to pick up tike #1. We got home with the things I needed to mail and didn't and destroyed the kitchen with lunch....more begging and pleading...this time for candy for lunch.... and more tossing food to the dog. My kitchen floor always looks like a disaster zone. I could feed a third world country with the crumbs....and no I am not proud of that.

I then tried to get two kids to nap and do more laundry, but that effort also proved fruitless. Since 1 o'clock I have refereed my daughter's temper tantrums. She has turned into something with three heads and an attitude straight out of hell.

At some point this afternoon I realized that my new sheets from Sam's were for a queen size bed. I own a King and a twin and a crib. My husband then pointed out that I bought the wrong size diapers....shouldn't I have known that. The sad part is that it wasn't a mistake....I seriously thought he still wore a size 3. My husband lovingly reminded me that he could they were just leak and he would need an outfit change with every diaper change.

Now it is 5 o'clock.....dinner is cooking and I am supposed to be getting dressed for my girl's night. Yes a girls night......thank gawd! Sushi and a movie....I think I may just have some sake too. Here is to hoping you had a better day....I feel like I've been hit by a mack truck and then it backed up over me and hit me again.

Monday, December 8, 2008

The makings of a birthday party

The cake

The birthday boy!

The family!
Yay! It's Noah's birthday

Singing happy birthday!

Definitely likes white cake over chocolate cake!

Such a happy boy!

Isn't he the most gorgeous baby boy ever?
Such a happy little guy!Taking his time opening gifts.
On his new horse from Mimi.
With his 3 com padres!Giving his sister a ride on his new ride!