Monday, December 15, 2008

Twas the week before Christmas....

And all through the week....their were Christmas parties happening all over town. Not a present was wrapped, not a snack was prepared. Just a momma in her kitchen going mad!

So it may not rhyme at all, but that is seriously how I feel. We had such a busy weekend and the only down time I had I did stationery for other people. I never got to any of the gifts I was going to make for Meredith's teachers/gym coaches/dance teachers/class friends/and so on. So before each party I am scrambling to get things done. Since they are all getting some form of stationery....I am literally making each gift. Plus gifts for many other teachers all over town. At least I am not the only procrastinator in town.

Wednesday I stayed up late working on Noah's Mother's Day out teachers' gifts, only for school to be cancelled and him not need them. Then I realized he had MDO this week, so that is the only gift done ahead of time. Today I did Meredith's dancing teacher's gift right before we walked out the door and I just finished her classroom buddies, secretaries, and teachers' gifts. Yes I said teacherS! It wasn't enough to bring Mrs. Jenny a present, but she wanted to bring them to all the two year old teachers and the music teacher. My giving child. So I just finished. And on top of that I have been managing my very busy stationery business. I still have people ordering Christmas cards. I think at this point I would have just given up!

We leave for Memphis Friday, not a bag is packed, not a present is wrapped, in fact I'm not sure I even purchased them all. Hmmmm. I need to recheck my list. We get home in enough time for me to freak out about Christmas and then enjoy it.....the life of a busy mom.

So forgive my lack of decent blogs, my head is spinning I am so damn busy. I promise to be back to my witty old self you miss so much....all 3 of you!

Now I am off to lay my head on the pillow before I think of one more thing I have to do!

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jennlagdavis said...

Mandi - I feel your stress! I too am going MAD and I only have 2 more days to finish everything before I have a house full of New Orleans family!
Good Luck - hope you get it all done!