Tuesday, June 7, 2011


Growing up my grandfather was one of my most favorite people ever.  In fact he was probably second in line....right behind my grandmother.  But they were neck and neck.  I was always known as the apple of his eye, that's what he called me.

My grandfather was a little bit different than my grandmother, he was loud, some might say even a little obnoxious.  He always had something to say and while most made me laugh, it often times got other people upset.  He always told me stories, sometime he would tell the same ones over again, but they never got old.  I loved hearing them and I admired him.  I especially loved hearing the ones about him and my grandmother dating or how when he first married her they lived in an apartment that shared a bathroom with another apartment and he would wait outside the bathroom door while she showered.  I loved hearing about his life, his life before me, before he was a grandfather or a father or even a husband.  He was a great storyteller.

My grandparents were the best and were happily married for so many years.  And anyone who knows them, knows they were like oil and water, but then two peas in a pod.  While I only grew up knowing one set of grandparents it was all that I ever needed.  They made me feel loved and valued and I looked forward to spending time with them.  And for being one of 16 grandchildren they gave me lots of their time as well as all of my cousins.  Lots of their time, their home was an extension of mine and as I grew older I tried to do the same for them.  Even in grad school I made it a point to stop by their house for weekly visits and watch TLC or the rebroadcast of the news with them.  I did this because I knew one day I would no longer have that luxury.  I look back on those visits and hold them so near and dear to my heart.  

You see, my mom was raised by wonderful people.  People who taught her that above all else family is what really matters.  And my mom, being the wonderful mom that she is taught that to me and my sister.  Friends, jobs, hardships will come and go, but family is always with you for the long haul.  Always.  

My grandmother passed away 8 years ago this year, the weekend I started dating my husband.  It saddens me to think that my husband never got to know her or meet her, because she was one of the people I loved most in this world and the one who I always looked up to.  And I know she would have loved my husband.  But what saddens me the most is the fact that my grandmother will never get to know my children, however I am making damn sure their grandfather does and that they know him.

God I miss them both.  While my grandmother is no longer with us  you can understand my missing her, I miss my Grandfather because I don't get to see him often enough. He lives a little over two hours away and though we try to visit him at least once a month, with 3 babies and call schedules we don't always get there.  But when I do I am so very grateful that I took that time to make him a priority, because that means he is getting to see my children and that my children are getting to know their one and only great-grandparent here on this earth.  And that is truly is a blessing.

I cannot tell you how overjoyed I was that my parents went down to get him the week of Noah's preschool program.  It warmed my heart knowing that Noah had a very special visitor in the audience watching him.

And it warmed my heart that after his performance he jumped right in his lap to tell him something.

and then he gave him a great big hug.

And it brings tears to my eyes to have these photos to one day share with kids when the only way they are going to be able to see him and remember him is through these photos.

And I smile knowing that my sweet baby girl who never wants to go to anyone but me, will sit in her great-grandfathers lap because she knows him.  

And she may only be old enough to remember him by these pictures, but it's okay because I have lots taken each month when we visit since the time she is but just a few weeks old.

Yes there is nothing that makes my heart melt....than seeing photos like this.  I can only imagine what he is telling  the boy (as he likes to call Noah.)

Or this....the only thing that could make this one better is if my grandmother were in it.


Here is my bug at her 3rd dance recital.

And with her best friend, her brother.

 And here is Noah checking out his sweet Bella!

 After the recital....I know I'm a bit biased, but I think she is gorgeous.

And one of our few family photos, with three it doesn't happen often.

Time is flying....

Look who finished his first year of preschool....

(this is noah and his best little friend Bella....I have no pictures of Noah without Bella and for his two year old preschool year I will always remember Noah tagging along with his sweet friend Bella.  They were obviously looking at Bella's momma.)

And look who got the keys to kindergarten....

Here she is with her key and sweet friend Grace.

And look who got a tad emotional.....okay A LOT emotional....(and who might need a tad of botox!)

And look who is literally hell on wheels......in the blink of an eye it will be her....the baby going to kindergarten....time please slow down!