Monday, March 30, 2009

Selling a house just plain sucks

I have to be honest with you really does suck. I feel like I am living somewhere in a vacuum. I feel like I am frozen in time, afraid to live in my own house or put anymore money, nail holes, paint colors, pictures or anything else into this house, but damn will I ever get to the point where I can do that in a new one.

We have been on this real estate roller coaster a week shy of two months. Not that long given today's economy and real estate market. I knew going into this the average days on the market for homes was 120. I'm right under 40 and I am mentally and physically exhausted.

We fell in love with a neighborhood and then a house and then we did a complete 180 and fell in love with a very different neighborhood and a very different house. Our mantra has been the same...."gosh I hope my house sells so I can get this's my dream house." However we have now missed two "dream" houses, one a real dream. I guess it just wasn't meant to be....because under no circumstances am I taking on two mortgages.....not with all the crazy shit going on in Washington....I mean I am no A.I.G. and I am sure no one will bail me out.

That being said, I'm done. I am ready to throw in the towel. I'm ready to stay here and rip up the tile I hate and make this the home of my dreams. I'm ready to move forward and get out of this glass house. Even if it means never packing up to move. This is the first home Josh and I have ever had to sell. It has taken it's toll, my patience is very limited and my two tikes that refused to nap today have used all of that patience up. I feel like by 10am ever day I can use a drink....and juice boxes ain't cutting it.

So forgive me for not blogging, I am sure all 10 of you are seriously disappointed and losing sleep over this. Trust me I am too....well not the blogging, but the house hunting and selling.

Up, Up and Away

This past Sunday if you saw us in church you were probably wondering if my Noah man was trying to fly....he wasn't. He was being the chorus that the right word?

Josh held Noah and he could see over everyone's head and saw the chorus conductor. After watching him for 3 seconds during the opening hym, he immediately began raising his arms up and then down to the beat of the music, just like the conductor. Every time the music started so did my little Noah's arms and then when it was finished he clapped for himself and said "Yay!" really loud. He was so proud of himself and it was totally out of the blue. Everyone around us was chuckling and commenting how cute he was the entire mass.

Neither Josh or I are musically inclined, maybe Noah will surprise us.

Wednesday, March 25, 2009

what she says....on a date

Today I took Meredith to the pediatrician to make sure her ears were clear.....they were, thank goodness. After we headed out in the great deluge to eat at pizza hut, before another appointment. It's been a very long time since just me and my girl went to lunch alone. We were able to sit at the high bar table that we normally can't since a high chair won't reach. Meredith was thrilled. I also let her pick her own pizza like a big girl and she placed her own drink order, she was in heaven. As we were sitting eating our pizza I looked at her and said...

"Bug you and I are on a date"

"No mom, dis is not a date place, dis is a hungry place"

"Well yeah it's a restaurant, but we are on a date here"

"No momma it is not a date place, it is a HUNGRY eat here"

Got it!

Friday, March 20, 2009

Selling a house, some things I am so not proud of

I'm feeling very honest today, must be all the sunshine I soaked up at the beach today. I'm betting it went right through my hair follicles and bleached my brain, because this post is all about things I have done while my house is on the market that I am embarrassed to admit.

You can all imagine and some of you know that selling a house with two tikes is NOT easy. Not even remotely easy. I have had and average of 3 showings a week, some with a weekends notice and some with an hours notice and everywhere in between. And each and every time I have done my damnedest to make sure the house is spotless. Well except for that time I was doubling over with kidney stone pain and my mom did it for me.

I won't lie when I say that Josh and I are total slobs. We are. We have had a housekeeper since before we were married and have always lived life rather messily. I hate to clean and have an awful habit of not picking up after myself and leaving it to be pick up later. So does Josh. Then add two tiny tikes to the mix who can't pick up after themselves and ladies and gentlemen you have chaos. That is basically how we functioned. When I do clean, I do a fantastic job, you would almost think I was a freak. I mean it is bad, getting out a toothbrush to the clean the grout, but since I only did that about 4 times a year.....really I'm just a slob who gets a little OCD when cleaning.

Our house used to be only clean on Thursday afternoons and only for a little while......until 6 weeks ago. Now it is always "almost ready" for unexpected company and most days freaking meticulous. When I tell you my ass barely hits the couch or computer chair anymore I am not lying. I am also in bed earlier due to exhaustion. I can't sleep, but come 8 or 9pm and I can't function either.

But I have taken a few shortcuts along the way, follow me to the list of shame.....

  • Although my laundry hampers are never full and never overflowing I have shoved a bunch of clean, folded clothing into a armoire when I was picking up quickly for a showing.
  • I have sprayed Lysol all over the up stairs to cover a wreaking diaper that stunk up the entire 2nd floor 10 minutes before a showing.
  • I have put bedding and dirty clothes that didn't have room in the hamper into the trunk of Josh's car to get it out the way. I learned now that laundry is a priority and I do 2-3 loads a day....seriously
  • I have made Meredith sleep with us so that I didn't have to make her bed before an early morning showing.
  • I have quickly cleaned the floors with diaper wipes instead of mopping
  • I have shoved dirty dishes into a just finished cycle of the dishwasher with clean dishes because of lazziness lack of time
  • I have shoved a couple of dirty pans into the oven so that I didn't have to wash them quickly.
  • I have taught Meredith and Noah how to sweep and hold the dust pan, respectively
  • I have buckled my kids into their car seats in the van and let them watch a movie while I picked up inside.
  • We have eaten breakfast and lunch out more than I am willing to admit, so that I didn't have to clean the kitchen again before a showing
  • I have dozens of dirty cups and bottles in my car that I grabbed to take with me as I was heading out the door and couldn't fit them in the dishwasher didn't have time to wash them
  • I have called my husband more than once to come home on his lunch hour to help me
  • I have also called and mercifully begged my mother to come and help me
  • I have closed the toy room door and told my kids the toy room was closed that day, to spare the effort of having to pick up toys one last time before heading out
  • I have shipped Brownie off to live with my sister so that is one less thing I have to deal with
  • I have hid all the dog supplies....what dog?

I think that is it, there I said it. For all that know me and keep asking how do you do it....there are some of my secrets. Perhaps I could write a book or get my own HGTV show...."How to stage a house so potential buyers don't think your a total slob." Catchy isn't it?

Thursday, March 19, 2009

So it went down like this...

I know a few of you are looking at our funky hair pictures saying......"Meredith has on a dress.....she has on short sleeves....what happened to only wearing long sleeves and the no dresses stance thing you got going on?" In fact I even got a few comments about it.

Well let me just say. One that is not a dress, it is a "shirt dress" and Two it wasn't easy to get it on her.

Yes, we named it a shirt dress, because while it is long enough to be a short dress, it comes with some leggings and technically isn't a "dress" and I will never call it that for fear of her turning her nose up and never looking at it again, much less wearing it. Hence my 2 year old said...
"momma is dat a dress?"

"No, it comes with pants see?"

"Is dat a shirt dress?"

"Exactly and that my girl is the best of both worlds."

Yesterday when it was time to pull my hair out get dressed, I pulled out her new outfit along with another "shirt dress"/legging set. I gave my daughter two "spring" options. I won't lie, it was hard. But I am the mother right? I mandate the dress code and I buy the clothes. In this little battle, she begged for the pink long sleeve shirt with yellow on the inside, oh yes my girl knows her wardrobe. "But mom" she wanted it "puuhhh-lease" ----the same shirt we have worn basically every other day this winter from gap. But I held my guns and didn't give in. She whined like there was no tomorrow and in the end, I won.

She put on her new outfit and she wore it all day, until we spilled some water on it at Mimi's house and that is when the tantrum started to rear it's ugly head. But Mimi saved the day by throwing her pants in the dryer and she went pantless for an hour during which we took our photos yesterday.

So my little creature of habit informed me yesterday that today she was going to wear her pink shirt and jean combo. I told her nope, she was sleeping at Mimi's and I packed her another "shirt dress "and legging set and that is when she almost lost it.....I mean the torture of having to wear new clothes. But she kept her cool and then looked me in the eye and informed me that she was NOT wearing the new outfit, she was wearing her blue shirt dress again. I gave her a kiss goodbye and left her with her Mimi. Her Mimi washed it for her, which was a good thing because the jeans and pink shirt were not in the suitcase, although she did sneak that damn pink turtleneck.

I will continue to pick my battles, I think that is a very important thing to do in parenthood. However I will not have my daughter die of heat stroke from wearing winter clothing in South Mississippi during the season called spring, that is really 2 tiny steps from summer.

Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Because sometimes on a Wednesday you just have to let your hair down...

Today Meredith and I played dress up with some of Mimi's Halloween wigs! We were the Doodlebops....not really, but it sounded good to Meredith. We wore these most of the afternoon and then road through the neighborhood in Poppa's golf cart with them.....we got a few curious stares.
Like Mother, like daughter......seriously my mom used to do stuff like this with me and my sister.
Mom I am beautiful!
Is it not super hilarious from the back?

Strike a pose!
She is as sassy as she looks....I promise!

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

What she says.....breathing

Big Yawn on the way home from playing at her friend Grace's house

"Bug you must be so tired, that was a big yawn"

"No momma, I not tired, I just breathing"


Monday, March 16, 2009

Throw me something Mister!!!

Despite our numerous attempts to make it back to Nola so that our kids could experience a parade this Mardi Gras....things just did not work out......cough kidney stones cough! We also didn't make it down the year before because I had a newborn and the weather was yuck. So it has been a while since we have ventured to a parade. We made plans to head to the Irish/Italian parade put on by our Catholic church. The weather was awful, but that was not going to deter us for once we were all well.....we definitely were not passing up this rare opportunity.

Meredith does not remember her first parade since she was barely a year old so this was a new experience to her and Noah's first parade ever. Just look how different they are.....

Meredith was very leery at first, clutching her ears due to the noise and making sure her daddy stayed on the sidewalk and not in the street.....she did warm up and get down and enjoy it, it just took a few floats.Noah on the other hand, was in the street waiting, dancing, clapping and having a good old time. I think he is a natural parade goer.If you look to the left, you can see my little man with his glasses on that he caught from the Buddy Holly float. You can also see how the whole damn town wore green, but Meredith had to wear pink.....big surprise. There were 40+ floats and we caught lots of throws, next year we know to bring a bag and not to forget our camera.....thanks Julia for the pictures.

In case you missed us!

Whew, it's been a few are you? We are good, been busy. Still showing the house, still no offers. I guess that is the way it goes. In case you missed us here are some random pics from the past few weeks. My computer started acting up and couldn't read my sd cards so I haven't been able to upload pictures and so if you have noticed the lack of photos that's why. Here are a few to catch you up.

Here we are camping, the tikes, the momma, the beer and the is good!Last Thursday, Meredith ran into her little friend Adalyn at lunch. Apparently Adalyn and Meredith made plans to have a slumber party at Adalyn's house. On the way home Meredith told me when she went to Adalyn's that night she didn't need her pillow because Adalyn had two. Later on Katey called to see if she really wanted to spend the night, I was willing to give it a try. I really wasn't expecting her to do it, but she did. Went to bed at 8:30pm, never a tear or even asked for her momma, woke up with a hug smile on her face and when I got there at 9:15am, she didn't want to leave with me. Here she is ready for her first sleepover....such a big girl, but still my baby.While Meredith was at her sleepover, Noah and Josh played on the riding lawn mower....I know, I know.....that isn't the safest thing in the world....get over it. Noah refused to get off....Josh was having a good time too! Who knew cutting the grass could be so fun!

This is typical for dinner time at our house....I kid you not.

Look how big my baby is.....sniff, sniff.

One of the best things about the camping trip....BUNK BEDS!

She is growing up so quickly.

What....more food....YES!.......typical of dinner time.

Mom, I'm just tasting this baby monitor.....yep it's good.

A little tired after a busy day at school.

I can empty a cabinet in 2.5 seconds....le cruesets are not that heavy.

Here is my fancy Nancy ready for a birthday party.

Go EAGLES....or camp fire....either way.

Wednesday, March 11, 2009

An ongoing battle - what she says

"Meredith, did you see what Marion was wearing today?"

She ignores me, while looking straight at me like I'm nuts....seriously

"Meredith, did you see what Marion had on today at the zoo?"

"A dress!"

"She did, didn't she look beautiful"


"Marion had on the most beautiful dress"

"And I had on the most beautiful shirt momma!"

At least I try! I really thought I had a few more years before she began protesting against dresses, I mean her beloved princess Aurora wears them. But nope not her, she will only put them on for church (because she thinks she has no choice) and if I bribe her (and most of the time that doesn't work either). Unfortunately for me all the other little girls in her class wear shorts and pants to school, so telling her she that she has to wear a dress to school doesn't really work. All those smocked dresses just hanging in the closet.....sigh!

Tuesday, March 10, 2009

The "uh-ohs"

Both of my tikes are ADDICTED to their pacifiers. I hear stories from other moms....about how her baby never really wanted one, or we never offered, or he gave his up on his own and I wonder where did I go wrong. Then I hear the well we just told her she had to give it to the baby and she did, or we told her she was a big girl and she gave it to me, or the paci fairy came and she put them all in a bag for the fairy and that was that....and honestly I have never tried to really take them away.....I know I am weak.

I don't know where the addiction came from honestly. I didn't give either of them a pacifier right away. With Meredith I waited the standard 3 week wait that the lactation nurse recommended and with Noah I waited a few days, but definitely not 3 weeks. Long enough to know he had the nursing thing down pat. It was definitely once we left the hospital, but perhaps the day we got 2-3 days? Even though our nurse in post partum told me "to give that bad baby a pacifier" when he was crying....Oh yes she did. And had I not been laying in bed 2 hours post c-section with a pc pump attached to me, a catheter and several other wires and IVs, I definitely would have gotten up and knocked her out. In fact I ordered two large cookie cakes to thank all the nurses, but I didn't give her any.....see what happens when you say something about my kids and I can't knock your lights out.

Anyway I digress.....Yes, both of my children are Nuk junkies.....totally. Noah is the newest little tike to join the Nuk anonymous club. He loves it! He cannot get enough. I try to only give it to him at naps and nighttime, but he just loves it so I cave. He pretty much has one in his mouth whenever he finds one. He doesn't cry for it if he doesn't have it, but he most certainly does if you try taking it away.

Josh and I learned early on with Noah that it was easier to get him to stay sleeping if we had like 5 Nuks in his bed. That way if he woke up in the middle of the night, the likelihood of him finding one on his own and going back to sleep was much greater. Thankfully this trick worked and now he needs at least 3 to go down.

When he wakes up from naps and in the morning all of the pacifiers are laying on the floor between the wall and his bed. He is normally standing up pointing to the floor saying "uh-oh....uh-oh....uh-oh momma"

So now we join in with "uh-oh....uh-oh Noah" and then retrieve all the pacifiers with his help and put them back in the bed....minus one that goes in his mouth.

Now when we tell him it is time for a nap or to go night night, he always checks behind his bed saying "uh-oh....uh-oh." Then he gets in his bed and grabs them and says..."uh-oh" and then shoves one in his mouth.

After realizing this little routine, I noticed that Noah always says "uh-oh" when he grabs a pacifier. Meredith has her paci's, but Noah has his "uh-ohs!"

Monday, March 9, 2009

A weekend of first

This was a busy weekend for us. We headed down to Springfield, Louisiana and stayed in some cabins for a mini family reunion. It was a blast. I hung out with family I barely see, family my kids have never met and family that my husband has only met a handful of times.

Meredith and Noah got to hang out with their cousin, Connor as well as lots of other little cousins they met for the first time. My kids have never played so hard in their life. They were so dirty from their camping adventure, covered in at least 5 layers of dirt, it was great to see them having so much fun. I remember doing that myself back in the day. It was awesome to see them experience the things I remember so fondly from my childhood.

We told Meredith in the middle of last week we were going camping. She had no clue what that was, but was really excited to go to the camping. When we arrived it was just her and Noah and they soaked up all the attention they got from their two aunts. They played and talked and entertained us. That night cousin Connor arrived as well as Timmy, Lisa and Nanny. We built a big camp fire and Noah sat amazed, while Meredith roasted me marshmallows for everyone. Later that night the adults told ghost stories or more like creepy stories, involving the slaughter house that was conveniently located a mile up the road. Yes, occasionally even adults get spooked!

The next day all of our extended family arrived and we had a huge family crawfish boil. Meredith enjoyed playing with all her new cousins (Emmie, Ella, Egen, Riley & Grayson). She was one of the younger ones, but she hung with the big kids. She went on her first hike and then helped her daddy collect firewood. She caught bugs and lizards, ate tons of candy, went on an egg hunt, ate crawfish and got really dirty from playing outside all day! The tub water after I bathed her and Noah was brown.

Noah enjoyed being outside all day and acting like a big kid as well. He did not want to be cuddled or treated like a baby. He tasted everything his sister ate and chased the girls around. He also went on his first hike and was a daredevil at the playground. He had multiple wagon rides and got a taste of a marshmallow, which he immediately pushed away. He played in the rocks and the dirt and was a typical rough and tumble little boy. He got to play ball with his cousin, Connor and they also got to fight over toys. I can't wait to watch them grow up together.

Saturday night the kids went to bed at 6:50pm. Not daylight savings time, but regular time. They awoke at 8am the next morning, daylight savings time! Can you say pooped!

If any of you are looking for a cabin to rent in the South Louisiana, I highly recommend Tickfaw State park. It was clean and comfortable and had direct TV! Not to mention each cabin has a fabulous, large screened porch. Yes, you need screened porches with all the darn mosquito's around here, which really weren't bad.

Sunday we headed home to get our house ready for the open house, still no offer, but the house is getting tons of traffic. We have had several people come back twice and are averaging about 3 showings a week, so we are hoping to get an offer soon.....cross your fingers!

Thursday, March 5, 2009

Up and down pants

Do you know what those are? I bet you don't. When Josh's sister visited us this summer, she told us a few stories from his childhood. Apparently Josh wore up or down pants when he was younger. Up pants were shorts and down pants were pants. For a long time he only wanted to wear down pants.

Well like father, like daughter. Meredith is going through a phase that is about to kill me. She refuses to wear short sleeve shirts. The weather is starting to get really nice and she will not put on a short sleeve shirt. I could force her, but I have to think to myself is it really worth it. The tears, the screaming, the tantrums, the heartbreak of an almost 3 year it is totally not worth it. But that doesn't mean I don't try.

I normally give her two options in the morning. This worked for a while. Now she will veto both options because she "needs long sleeves momma!" It doesn't matter that it is 80 degrees outside, she "needs long sleeves momma!" It doesn't matter if we are going somewhere and I have a really cute outfit all picked out and is appropriate for the weather because she "needs long sleeves momma!"

Yes, it is killing me, but like I father, like daughter. I am betting she will look really funny this summer.....oh yes, I think this long sleeve saga will continue until then. I am just hoping to lose the favored pink turtleneck by then.

Wednesday, March 4, 2009

The boy likes his oatmeal

The other morning Josh put Noah in my bed bright and early and headed to work. Like before 7am early. Before I like to serve breakfast or wake up early. Meredith had got in our bed at 6am and snoozed off again. Noah on the other hand was not into snoozing and wanted out. So we headed to the kitchen.

I went ahead and got the instant oatmeal out and mixed it with some milk. I then put it in the microwave and ran to the potty around the corner. While I was in the potty, I heard Noah shrieking with annoyance. I was pretty shocked he hadn't followed me in to the bathroom to try and play with the water in the toilet.....yes, he loves to do this.

When I re-entered the kitchen I found him standing under the microvawe, pointing up at it and shrieking in protest. The buzzer had gone off and he apparently wanted the food out. As I opened the microwave to get his oatmeal, he squealed in delight and then toddled over to his seat and tried to climb in. I set his oatmeal down on the island to let it cool and helped him into his chair. He let out a screech of terror....."the damn oatmeal woman...I'm hungry....bring me the oatmeal.....are you not hearing me!"

I went back and grabbed the oatmeal and the usual two spoons, one for him to make a huge mess feed himself and one for me to actually feed him. He took his spoon and promptly threw it to the floor and opened his mouth wide like a little bird waiting to be fed. Apparently he was far too hungry to feed himself. I blew on the steaming oatmeal and his patience crumbled into pieces. He started to cry actual tears. I gave him his first bite and he was over the moon.

After he finished the entire bowl he was off, I even got a thank you! Now I know that when the boy wants his oatmeal, he wants his oatmeal.

Tuesday, March 3, 2009

cleaning up this mess

Today I had the lovely job of cleaning out the refrigerator. Yuck. There were left overs in there from the 18th century and lots of them had grown mold. I know, anyone want to come to dinner now. This wasn't I job I wanted to do, or one that I normally do.....I normally leave it for Josh. And yes, he does it, but not as often as I would like. So today I rolled up my sleeves and got to work.

As I was throwing out the green, fuzzy casserole that I don't remember ever eating it got me to thinking about how much I clean up after people. Two very specific little people. A lot! And yes I know it is my job to do that and someone, namely my mother, did it for me. In fact there are times she still does. But the job can be quite disgusting none the less.

There are plenty of times I want to just walk the other way and leave the mess for the "real" mom to deal with and then it hits me......the real mom is me.....I still don't know how that happened. The jobs like cleaning up toys, and the car after a long trip or a short one, the food off the floor, the dirty dishes after dinner, the vomit when they are sick (which has been a whole lot this year), the late night accidents in the bed, the leaky diaper at night, the messy diapers, the diaper explosions and the various other dirty jobs a parent incurs, make me want to sometime run for the hills.

I don't run obviously, but I do think about it. And really I'm not complaining at all, in fact I know one day all too soon, Meredith and Noah will be cleaning up after little people of their own. Hopefully they will one day have their own homes and pets that will need cleaning up after as well. And who knows, they may even have to clean up after me one day....although I hope not.

That being said, I sit here in disgust and unrest over the other, bigger mess we are leaving for them to clean up. Yes, the economy. I'm afraid this economy is only going to get worse and one day it will be a huge mess for our children to clean up. I hope they can do it and don't head for the hills themselves. God knows the government has no clue how to do it.

Monday, March 2, 2009

What she says.....News to me....reported from a friend

Today Meredith spent the day with her friend, Grace. She was absolutely thrilled to spend the day with Grace, although she was a little bummed that Noah had to tag along. Julia graciously watched our kids so Josh and I could head to Foley, Alabama for my Grandmother's funeral. It was a long trip and all day in the car, so I am very grateful that they were able to stay home and play instead.

While at Julia's, Grace and Meredith had a lot of conversations, Josh and I caught tidbits from Julia and Meredith. I am pretty sure Julia's stories were more reliable while Meredith's stories involved a whole lot more imagination. Like the story of how Baby Marion flew out of the Grace's room today. I'm pretty sure Marion isn't flying yet, I will have to ask Julia to make sure.

Anyway Julia did tell me about this lovely conversation between the I said news to me....

"Grace I'm going to Disney World"

"You are....I'm gonna miss you"

"You can come with me"

"I can!"


Yeah, Julia asked me tonight if we were going back to Disney. I told her eventually before Noah was 3. In fact we promised Meredith a trip when she got rid of her pacifier. However a trip is not planned in the immediate future. I guess Meredith has her own trip planned and she is taking Grace apparently.

Back to reality

Whoo it's been a rough few days....let's see where did I leave you last. Oh that's right going back in for another stent. Yeah well that didn't happen. I woke up Friday feeling great, no pain....nothing.....feeling 200% better. So I cancelled the procedure. I know I don't have a medical degree, but I knew things were finally getting better and so I put it off. I have to go back in this week to make sure that my kidney isn't blocked so cross your fingers for me.

My grandmother also passed away Thursday night, so today we headed to Foley, Alabama to lay her to rest. It was a very sad day. I am thankful that she is no longer suffering and in a better place.

Josh was also on call this weekend and what a call weekend it was. I think the kids and I saw him a total of 3-4 hours this weekend. He literally left before we woke up and got home once the kids were in bed. The kids and I missed him dearly.

Meredith and I also went to a Fancy Nancy birthday party. She got all dressed up and was such a big girl. My baby is growing up so fast.

Noah is also getting to be such a smart little guy. He is talking up a storm and just so happy and loving. I could snuggle with him all day and I did all weekend!

Well that is it, I'll be back to my regular blogging tomorrow. Thanks to all of you that left comments and have called or emailed me to check in. Sorry I haven't gotten back to you, it's just been busy!