Thursday, March 19, 2009

So it went down like this...

I know a few of you are looking at our funky hair pictures saying......"Meredith has on a dress.....she has on short sleeves....what happened to only wearing long sleeves and the no dresses stance thing you got going on?" In fact I even got a few comments about it.

Well let me just say. One that is not a dress, it is a "shirt dress" and Two it wasn't easy to get it on her.

Yes, we named it a shirt dress, because while it is long enough to be a short dress, it comes with some leggings and technically isn't a "dress" and I will never call it that for fear of her turning her nose up and never looking at it again, much less wearing it. Hence my 2 year old said...
"momma is dat a dress?"

"No, it comes with pants see?"

"Is dat a shirt dress?"

"Exactly and that my girl is the best of both worlds."

Yesterday when it was time to pull my hair out get dressed, I pulled out her new outfit along with another "shirt dress"/legging set. I gave my daughter two "spring" options. I won't lie, it was hard. But I am the mother right? I mandate the dress code and I buy the clothes. In this little battle, she begged for the pink long sleeve shirt with yellow on the inside, oh yes my girl knows her wardrobe. "But mom" she wanted it "puuhhh-lease" ----the same shirt we have worn basically every other day this winter from gap. But I held my guns and didn't give in. She whined like there was no tomorrow and in the end, I won.

She put on her new outfit and she wore it all day, until we spilled some water on it at Mimi's house and that is when the tantrum started to rear it's ugly head. But Mimi saved the day by throwing her pants in the dryer and she went pantless for an hour during which we took our photos yesterday.

So my little creature of habit informed me yesterday that today she was going to wear her pink shirt and jean combo. I told her nope, she was sleeping at Mimi's and I packed her another "shirt dress "and legging set and that is when she almost lost it.....I mean the torture of having to wear new clothes. But she kept her cool and then looked me in the eye and informed me that she was NOT wearing the new outfit, she was wearing her blue shirt dress again. I gave her a kiss goodbye and left her with her Mimi. Her Mimi washed it for her, which was a good thing because the jeans and pink shirt were not in the suitcase, although she did sneak that damn pink turtleneck.

I will continue to pick my battles, I think that is a very important thing to do in parenthood. However I will not have my daughter die of heat stroke from wearing winter clothing in South Mississippi during the season called spring, that is really 2 tiny steps from summer.

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Amy said...

Wow, that is so funny! I thought the pink, long-sleeve phase was coming to an end! She is really going to crack up reading about this one day...A girl who knows what she wants...gotta love it:)