Saturday, March 31, 2012

Meet Zoe...our new pet.

This past weekend, Meredith came running into the house after spending the morning outside with her dad telling me to come meet her new pet Zoe.  I had no idea what she was talking about because Josh had put the kibosh on any more living things under our roof some time ago.  So I went out and was shocked to see she was talking about a caterpillar....And holding it.  I don't like bugs, birds, caterpillars or any other creature that lives outside unless it is domesticated or at the zoo.  

I admired this new pet from a distance and re-iterated that she was to live in her home outside.

Here is the habitat that Meredith constructed herself with a little help from her dear old Dad.

She put the flowers in to make it pretty. And we researched what we needed to put in her condo with her to keep her belly full.

Everyday she ran home to check on Zoe and hold her and "play" with her.  She swung on the swing with her and would take her afternoon snack outside to share with her too.  In fact she was the one that noticed the bite marks on the leaves, It was really neat to see how much she ate each day.

Meredith grew very attached to her new friend Zoe and I was shocked by how well she took care of her.  She checked on her every morning, after school and before bed.  So you can imagine the horror after about a week when she came home from school and rushed to see Zoe after forgetting to check on her one morning and saw this...

She knew that Zoe was in the process of becoming a beautiful moth/butterfly, but it still didn't ease the pain of losing her caterpillar.  Zoe is still in a cocoon in her box on the back porch.  We still check on her everyday.  No moth yet, and Meredith is still sad.  I was picking up around the house one day when I found this...

This is the end 
of you Zoe
I'm going to miss 
you too
(her and Zoe)
I miss you

Hopefully we can update you all soon on Zoe's transformation.

Tuesday, March 27, 2012

And they're off....Part Deaux

Exactly one week after his big sister's training wheels came off, Noah decided he would like his off too.  So off they came and the first time he got on his bike without them he took off....

Seriously.  Of course I predicted it the week before.  When I tell people he is riding his bike at 4 YEARS OLD without training wheels, shock immediately comes across their face.  Suffice to say, I now have two children riding on two wheels.  And that is all we do everyday...ALL DAY LONG.  Daylights saving time showed up right in time.  He is just a touch proud of himself...

I'm so proud of my boy.  And the best part is when he gets on his bike and is about to take off he says "You can do this Noah...You can do it!"  And he's right he can do it, even with rain books that are too big!

And poor Margot all she wants to do is ride a big bike too.  Here is Josh helping Noah get started and holding a very upset Margot who is flailing her limbs trying to get on too.

Luckily she does get to particpate in the ice cream celebration for such a big achievement.  She went ahead to the freezer to get them to ensure I would not forget.

Monday, March 19, 2012

And they're off!

Meredith has been asking for some time to take her training wheels off.  Like months.  I haven't because let's face it, driveway time is my favorite time of the day and with three tikes running and riding all over, I knew chasing after one on a real bike was not ideal for me.  It's really all about me.  Besides Meredith has been riding her balance bike for quite some time and was already AMAZING on two wheels, who needs pedals right???

Tonight though I broke the news to her that her best little friends A and E had taken theirs off and were riding without them now.  So that only set me up to having to take off hers.  And luckily Josh was agreeable and he did.  Five minutes later she was like this....

She kind of took to the whole thing like a fish to water.  I'm pretty sure that strider bike had a lot to do with it.  We love those bikes.  Before I knew it she was going up hill to.  We still need some practice but I'd say she did pretty good for her first 15 minutes without training wheels.  And I'd say my days of the balance bike in the driveway are over, at least for Meredith!  Margot has been eyeing it for some time so she is thrilled!

And this little guy, well he is a whiz on his strider bike too.  Actually he's better on his strider bike than most adults on bikes.  Noah is pro on anything with wheels.  And with the way he's wheeling up and down the hilly streets our neighborhood I think he will soon be without his trianing wheels too.  Luckily for me, he's a cautious little guy!

And not to be left out of the milestone department, tonight Margot learned to double fist freezy pops!  Now that my friends is talent!  So proud of my Giddy!  And seriously how grown up is she looking now!  Not to mention every time her sister got off her big bike, Margot did indeed try and get on.  Every single time.

Friday, March 9, 2012

Freaking Shit - What he says...

My sweet Noah LOVES to talk.  Actually that may be the understatement of the year.  Talking is as necessary to Noah as breathing.  If his eyes are open he is chatting you up.  Most days I feel like I should send him to preschool with ear plugs for his teacher.  Quiet days are they days when he is absent I am told.

Yes, the boy loves to talk.  He ask a million questions a day, I used to know the answers to his questions, but lately I have to say "I don't know" or "We can look that up when we get home."  He also describes everything he sees or has experienced.  He loves to re-tell me all about his day at school and all about what he did that day and what he learned.  I love that part.  And when we play, his imagination soars and he leaves out nothing, I hear every detail about what he is imagining.  He is so descriptive it's like he is painting a picture with his words and when he describes it, I can see it perfectly.  He is inquisitive, descriptive, detailed and chatty. 

Most of my conversations with Noah are pretty entertaining.  He makes me laugh on a daily basis.  He also warms my heart on a daily basis as well.  Not a day goes by that he doesn't express sweetness towards me and his sisters.  And if you don't have a good reply for him, he will often provide you one to say.  He tends to do this alot, some might call him bossy.  He's thoughtful, caring, sensitive, a little bossy and very chatty.

Noah and I had a conversation last week about the birds and the bees that I had to actually stifle my laughs.  The conversation was a hoot, but one to be expected from my little guy.  I stifled my laughter though, because I didn't want him to think it was a funny topic, even though what he said was funny. He did not intend for it to be funny, he was quite serious.  But it was a hilarious one none the less, definitely one for the baby book.  So Noah remind me to tell you about that one, one day.  Especially since I don't know where you baby book is.  And sorry Internets, I won't share that one here, because I love my Noah and he does deserve some privacy, but I will share this gem, one about him using his favorite expression...."freaking shit."  This was an actual conversation that occured in the yukon last week while driving home from dinner.

(and finally a picture where my little man is not talking and you can tell he is barely keeping his mouth shut!)

"Noah, bud, if you talk like this all the time next year at your big school, you might get a few red lights or yellow lights."

"What's a red light?  I like red lights?  Like traffic lights?"

"No Noah, red and yellow lights are not good, they are when you are in trouble!"  scolded Meredith

""What?!?  Red lights ARE traffic lights, I love red lights!"

"No buddy, red and yellow lights mean no treasure box"

silent,thoughtful pause

"Red lights are freaking shit!"

"Well Josh I guess we should be more concerned about blue lights and phone calls home with that language!"

"Noah you can't say those things at school next  year." scolded Josh

"Nope Bud, you have to save those choice words for at home."

And in the words of Noah today was some freaking shit.  Both girls had surgery.  Both are doing great.  Thanks for the thoughts and prayers, but I'm so glad that freaking shit is over.  Hmmm, wonder where my Noah picked up that language.

Thursday, March 8, 2012


This week at school, Meredith, presented her very first "big" school project to her class.  I say "big" school because we have done the yearly "About Me" posterboards before, but this was an actual presentation on one of the 50 states.  Each kindergartner was given a state.  They had to identify it on a map, find and color or make the state flag.  Identify the state bird, tree, flower and a famous person from that state.  They also had to tell about one "fun fact" of that state.  

While Meredith thought there were much cooler states than Pennsylvania on the map, she was happy that she had her very own project to do.  And when she realized that Hershey was a city in PA, where they make chocloate, like the famous Hershey bar, the state became much more alluring to her.

Her Daddy helped her research the state on the Internet.  They looked up several pictures and printed them out.  Meredith colored her flag and a few of her pictures and we cut them out together.  She did all the gluing with a little bit of help regarding where to place them on her posterboard.  She identified her capital and drew the star and labeled it accordingly.  She then labeled each item on her poster board.  

Here she is immediately after her presentation.  Notice the box of Hershey's next to her posterboard.  At the end she told the kids...."Today I brought each of you a chocolate candy bar from Hershey, PA!"  The kids were amazed.  She impressed them big time.  I guess it would have been more truthful to say, I brought them to you from Sam's who had them shipped in from Hershey, PA, but we won't bother with those technicalities in Kindergarten.  

My girl was beaming....and she had every right to be.  She delivered her speech with a loud, clear voice and hit every point dead on.  She did better at 5 years old in a room of her peers, than I would have done at 33 years old in a room full of mine.  Meredith, I could not be more proud of you.  Job VERY WELL done!
(Sorry for the blurry picture, I was excited and happy and wrestling a 22lb octopus with flailing arms while taking it.)

Her poster board.  I will save it forever, along with the video of her presenting it to her class.  When did my girl get so big?

Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Her Own Little Person

My sweet, little Margot, also known as what some may call a handful.  She's spunky, and busy and always into something she shouldn't be.  Today when I pulled into the garage and undid her seat-belt she quickly flipped over the side of her seat into the middle and ran to the back of the Yukon.  Before I could even try and grab her, she was already trying to buckle herself into her sisters booster seat.

Realizing the only way to get her was to go after her, I did just that and that's when she climbed on the side to get to the very back and away from me.  I'm pretty sure the thought of just flipping over the back seat to the very back crossed her mind, but she probably realized I may be able to grab her first.  She's quick.  

So I got out and opened the back and used Noah to try to entice her out, with fruit snacks.  Yes, she still loves her gummy snacks.  For one quick second she sat there panicked...and she yelled..."MOMMA HELLLPPPP!"

But then she realized she wasn't in any real danger and totally had it.  So she started the catch me if you can game.  

It was clear she had no intention of getting out of her predicament or the car with my help.  When I tried to help her out she totally screamed "I do!"

Yes, she is independent for sure and full of hell.  But boy is she fun! And full of all kinds of mischief.  

And she totally gets away with everything, I'm sure it has nothing to do with those big blue eyes and that adorable smile.  Nope...nothing at all.

Tonight Josh and I were hanging out with the tikes in the playroom.  Mere and I had just got home from softball practice and I was filling Josh in about that and he was filling me in about the others.  Noah and Meredith went to grab a quick snack before bed and so it was just us and Giddy.  She decided that she would scale the dresser in play room, one drawer at a time, to get to the top.  Josh and I continued our conversation while intermittently saying "No Margot! That's dangerous."  

She would back down and do something else, but then 3 seconds later she was back at it.  We would then repeat, "No, No Margot."  After about a minute of us hindering her progress, she turned and looked at us and said "Bye-bye" and pointed for us to leave the toy room.  Determined.....determined to get to the top.

The girl has spunk I tell ya.

Monday, March 5, 2012

Lent, Facebook and other Things

Last year for Lent I decided to give up Facebook.  It lasted three days.  This year I had so much to be thankful for.  So much.  Life, love, family, friends, health.  I could seriously go on for hours.  So very much.  And when I got down to why we give up something for Lent it just really hit me this year.  Not that I have any less to be thankful this year than the others, but I do.  Because each year, each day, each minute is a gift.  A very precious gift.  And so I thought about Lent, I thought about God, giving his only son, to save me.  To save you, to save all of us.  I'm not sure I would be willing to do that. Being a mother has given me a whole new perspective on Easter and Lent.  Would I give my only child or any one of my three to save you or me?  No.  And when I thought about it that way, giving up a coke or chocolate or sweets and trying to improve my figure at the same time, just didn't seem right.  A son for a coke?  No, I felt like it needed to be big, it needed to mean something.  So I gave up...Facebook.

And to be honest, it has not been bad.  I've been more productive.  I've started blogging again.  I spend quality time with the tikes, that I hate to admit used to be spent on facebook.  My laundry hampers are always empty, my clothes are always put away, my dinner is typically cooked by noon.  I re-joined the gym and my husband he says I'm happier.  All this because of Lent and Facebook?  Probably not.  I mean Lent did inspire me to give up Facebook.  But giving it up sparked me to get busier, to think about things, life and to seize the moment.  Get things done.  It's been one of my best Lenten sacrifices yet.

Part of me misses being in the loop.  I have gotten phone calls and text messages asking me what happened.  Why would I give that up?  Asking if and why I defriended them?  Was I crazy?  Did I miss it?  Am I going back?

I will tell you what I miss.  I  miss the local news, the comments on the stories cracked me up.  And I miss the brief updates on the news.  I miss big happenings around town.  I have made friends promise to call and fill me in if it was a very need to know situation.  However is there "need to know" type situations on Facebook?  I miss my family from out of town posts.  I think my family also misses seeing pictures of my kiddos.  I miss being able to send a quick message to someone when I need to.  But that is all I miss.

Instead of Facebook, I fill my days doing house work I would have otherwise avoided or playing with the kids, without my phone in hand surfing Facebook.  I'm more engaged with them.  Noah and I spend more time in the driveway playing baseball than we ever have before.  I also found pinterest.  Which I find just as interesting without all the bullshit that goes along with it.  I also only spend a few seconds of time on it.  Never on my desk top always on my phone, while waiting in car lines or while sitting idle at meetings or whatever.  I have to say, since giving up Facebook, my pinterest skills have skyrocketed.  I probably have the best virtual closest, home and dinners around!

I thought the nights would be the hardest.  That is typically when I would spend way too much time on Facebook.  My husband often has loads of work to do at night and so that is when I would spend lots of time.... Unhealthy amounts...surfing, chatting, shopping.  Whatever.  Now I have read 6 books since Lent started.  Which is way more productive.  And my Words with Friends game has drastically improved.  And that helps me fend off Alzheimer's, seriously a doctor...and not my husband, told me that this weekend.

The other biggest difference I noticed is...I am no longer sitting on the couch with my iPad or my iPhone.  I'm more engaged in life, the here and now.  My kids....they no longer sit around fighting over my iPad or my iPhone.  Instead I find them reading books, playing with toys, and engaged in life.  I guess actions do speak louder than words.

So that my friend is where I've been.  The question I hear the most is will I go back?  Hmmm. I guess I have 33 more days to decide.