Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Her Own Little Person

My sweet, little Margot, also known as Giddy....is what some may call a handful.  She's spunky, and busy and always into something she shouldn't be.  Today when I pulled into the garage and undid her seat-belt she quickly flipped over the side of her seat into the middle and ran to the back of the Yukon.  Before I could even try and grab her, she was already trying to buckle herself into her sisters booster seat.

Realizing the only way to get her was to go after her, I did just that and that's when she climbed on the side to get to the very back and away from me.  I'm pretty sure the thought of just flipping over the back seat to the very back crossed her mind, but she probably realized I may be able to grab her first.  She's quick.  

So I got out and opened the back and used Noah to try to entice her out, with fruit snacks.  Yes, she still loves her gummy snacks.  For one quick second she sat there panicked...and she yelled..."MOMMA HELLLPPPP!"

But then she realized she wasn't in any real danger and totally had it.  So she started the catch me if you can game.  

It was clear she had no intention of getting out of her predicament or the car with my help.  When I tried to help her out she totally screamed "I do!"

Yes, she is independent for sure and full of hell.  But boy is she fun! And full of all kinds of mischief.  

And she totally gets away with everything, I'm sure it has nothing to do with those big blue eyes and that adorable smile.  Nope...nothing at all.

Tonight Josh and I were hanging out with the tikes in the playroom.  Mere and I had just got home from softball practice and I was filling Josh in about that and he was filling me in about the others.  Noah and Meredith went to grab a quick snack before bed and so it was just us and Giddy.  She decided that she would scale the dresser in play room, one drawer at a time, to get to the top.  Josh and I continued our conversation while intermittently saying "No Margot! That's dangerous."  

She would back down and do something else, but then 3 seconds later she was back at it.  We would then repeat, "No, No Margot."  After about a minute of us hindering her progress, she turned and looked at us and said "Bye-bye" and pointed for us to leave the toy room.  Determined.....determined to get to the top.

The girl has spunk I tell ya.

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