Tuesday, March 27, 2012

And they're off....Part Deaux

Exactly one week after his big sister's training wheels came off, Noah decided he would like his off too.  So off they came and the first time he got on his bike without them he took off....

Seriously.  Of course I predicted it the week before.  When I tell people he is riding his bike at 4 YEARS OLD without training wheels, shock immediately comes across their face.  Suffice to say, I now have two children riding on two wheels.  And that is all we do everyday...ALL DAY LONG.  Daylights saving time showed up right in time.  He is just a touch proud of himself...

I'm so proud of my boy.  And the best part is when he gets on his bike and is about to take off he says "You can do this Noah...You can do it!"  And he's right he can do it, even with rain books that are too big!

And poor Margot all she wants to do is ride a big bike too.  Here is Josh helping Noah get started and holding a very upset Margot who is flailing her limbs trying to get on too.

Luckily she does get to particpate in the ice cream celebration for such a big achievement.  She went ahead to the freezer to get them to ensure I would not forget.

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