Tuesday, March 10, 2009

The "uh-ohs"

Both of my tikes are ADDICTED to their pacifiers. I hear stories from other moms....about how her baby never really wanted one, or we never offered, or he gave his up on his own and I wonder where did I go wrong. Then I hear the well we just told her she had to give it to the baby and she did, or we told her she was a big girl and she gave it to me, or the paci fairy came and she put them all in a bag for the fairy and that was that....and honestly I have never tried to really take them away.....I know I am weak.

I don't know where the addiction came from honestly. I didn't give either of them a pacifier right away. With Meredith I waited the standard 3 week wait that the lactation nurse recommended and with Noah I waited a few days, but definitely not 3 weeks. Long enough to know he had the nursing thing down pat. It was definitely once we left the hospital, but perhaps the day we got home....so 2-3 days? Even though our nurse in post partum told me "to give that bad baby a pacifier" when he was crying....Oh yes she did. And had I not been laying in bed 2 hours post c-section with a pc pump attached to me, a catheter and several other wires and IVs, I definitely would have gotten up and knocked her out. In fact I ordered two large cookie cakes to thank all the nurses, but I didn't give her any.....see what happens when you say something about my kids and I can't knock your lights out.

Anyway I digress.....Yes, both of my children are Nuk junkies.....totally. Noah is the newest little tike to join the Nuk anonymous club. He loves it! He cannot get enough. I try to only give it to him at naps and nighttime, but he just loves it so I cave. He pretty much has one in his mouth whenever he finds one. He doesn't cry for it if he doesn't have it, but he most certainly does if you try taking it away.

Josh and I learned early on with Noah that it was easier to get him to stay sleeping if we had like 5 Nuks in his bed. That way if he woke up in the middle of the night, the likelihood of him finding one on his own and going back to sleep was much greater. Thankfully this trick worked and now he needs at least 3 to go down.

When he wakes up from naps and in the morning all of the pacifiers are laying on the floor between the wall and his bed. He is normally standing up pointing to the floor saying "uh-oh....uh-oh....uh-oh momma"

So now we join in with "uh-oh....uh-oh Noah" and then retrieve all the pacifiers with his help and put them back in the bed....minus one that goes in his mouth.

Now when we tell him it is time for a nap or to go night night, he always checks behind his bed saying "uh-oh....uh-oh." Then he gets in his bed and grabs them and says..."uh-oh" and then shoves one in his mouth.

After realizing this little routine, I noticed that Noah always says "uh-oh" when he grabs a pacifier. Meredith has her paci's, but Noah has his "uh-ohs!"


jennlagdavis said...

maybe it's a "boy" thing -- mikey has 5 in his bed too for the same reason - so he can find one and go back to sleep! and is also attached to them, if he lays down to watch a movie the 1st thing he says is "nu-nu maaa mmeeee" :)

Amy said...

That cookie cake story is hilarious! I would sooo do something like that!

Jack never took a paci, even going as far as to spit it out and make a "pa-too-ie" sound. I always wanted him to take one to A)calm/soothe him and B)babies look so darn cute with the paci. I know that's pitiful to admit, but it's true;)

Anonymous said...

Oh my gosh! I'm laughing my tail off because David goes to bed with at least 3 pacifiers too! Usually 5 or 6. We have the exact same experience. In the morning he is doing the uh-ohs while staring out the crib at the 1 or 2 pacifiers he can actually see. The rest are under the crib. I keep a hanger under the crib so I can easily sweep them all out. It's so good to hear I'm not the only pacifier pimp.