Monday, March 2, 2009

What she says.....News to me....reported from a friend

Today Meredith spent the day with her friend, Grace. She was absolutely thrilled to spend the day with Grace, although she was a little bummed that Noah had to tag along. Julia graciously watched our kids so Josh and I could head to Foley, Alabama for my Grandmother's funeral. It was a long trip and all day in the car, so I am very grateful that they were able to stay home and play instead.

While at Julia's, Grace and Meredith had a lot of conversations, Josh and I caught tidbits from Julia and Meredith. I am pretty sure Julia's stories were more reliable while Meredith's stories involved a whole lot more imagination. Like the story of how Baby Marion flew out of the Grace's room today. I'm pretty sure Marion isn't flying yet, I will have to ask Julia to make sure.

Anyway Julia did tell me about this lovely conversation between the I said news to me....

"Grace I'm going to Disney World"

"You are....I'm gonna miss you"

"You can come with me"

"I can!"


Yeah, Julia asked me tonight if we were going back to Disney. I told her eventually before Noah was 3. In fact we promised Meredith a trip when she got rid of her pacifier. However a trip is not planned in the immediate future. I guess Meredith has her own trip planned and she is taking Grace apparently.

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Julia said...

We had so much fun!!!