Wednesday, March 4, 2009

The boy likes his oatmeal

The other morning Josh put Noah in my bed bright and early and headed to work. Like before 7am early. Before I like to serve breakfast or wake up early. Meredith had got in our bed at 6am and snoozed off again. Noah on the other hand was not into snoozing and wanted out. So we headed to the kitchen.

I went ahead and got the instant oatmeal out and mixed it with some milk. I then put it in the microwave and ran to the potty around the corner. While I was in the potty, I heard Noah shrieking with annoyance. I was pretty shocked he hadn't followed me in to the bathroom to try and play with the water in the toilet.....yes, he loves to do this.

When I re-entered the kitchen I found him standing under the microvawe, pointing up at it and shrieking in protest. The buzzer had gone off and he apparently wanted the food out. As I opened the microwave to get his oatmeal, he squealed in delight and then toddled over to his seat and tried to climb in. I set his oatmeal down on the island to let it cool and helped him into his chair. He let out a screech of terror....."the damn oatmeal woman...I'm hungry....bring me the oatmeal.....are you not hearing me!"

I went back and grabbed the oatmeal and the usual two spoons, one for him to make a huge mess feed himself and one for me to actually feed him. He took his spoon and promptly threw it to the floor and opened his mouth wide like a little bird waiting to be fed. Apparently he was far too hungry to feed himself. I blew on the steaming oatmeal and his patience crumbled into pieces. He started to cry actual tears. I gave him his first bite and he was over the moon.

After he finished the entire bowl he was off, I even got a thank you! Now I know that when the boy wants his oatmeal, he wants his oatmeal.


Blair said...

too cute. he and Frannie are two peas in a pod! She is the same way when she wants something

Amy said...

Jack acts like that EVERYTIME I feed him! No lie. You would think I starve the kid. I'm talking huge tears, screming, wailing, more drama than is called for. I guess he gets that from me...when I'm hungry I want to eat 5 minutes ago!