Monday, March 30, 2009

Up, Up and Away

This past Sunday if you saw us in church you were probably wondering if my Noah man was trying to fly....he wasn't. He was being the chorus that the right word?

Josh held Noah and he could see over everyone's head and saw the chorus conductor. After watching him for 3 seconds during the opening hym, he immediately began raising his arms up and then down to the beat of the music, just like the conductor. Every time the music started so did my little Noah's arms and then when it was finished he clapped for himself and said "Yay!" really loud. He was so proud of himself and it was totally out of the blue. Everyone around us was chuckling and commenting how cute he was the entire mass.

Neither Josh or I are musically inclined, maybe Noah will surprise us.

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jennlagdavis said...

That's so funny!! I can totally picture it! Mikey claps and says YAY! after every hym - it was cute the 1st few times, now it's kinda embarrassing! :)