Tuesday, December 23, 2008

An accident waiting to happen

Oh my Noah man, yes that is what you are. Right now your dad is finishing up your bath and you are squealing in delight. Seconds before you were crying huge crocodile tears, because you bumped your head....again. It's amazing we haven't had an emergency room trip for a concussion......or for anything for that matter.

In the past few days you have had some accidents that have made my head spin and some almost accidents that make me question my parenting skills. You fell four times while watching your sister at gymnastics yesterday. Each time your head made a thud so loud it hurt my head. Today alone you have fallen off of the rocking chair head first, you have flown out of your sister's baby doll stroller and hit your head on the ceramic tile floor, you fell face first while trying to walk. All of those things today.

Everyday I deal with things like this....you and your sister decided it would be awesome to push one another around the house in the baby doll stroller. You toddled and she rode, then she ran and you rode. The faster she pushed, the louder you laughed and squealed. Then she hit a bump and you literally flew through the air and hit your head on the ceramic tile. You cried and cried, but not because you fell....you cried because you weren't IN the stroller anymore and you wanted back in it. In fact it wasn't really a cry it was more of a I'm pissed off type of scream, so you fixed the situation.....you crawled over and got back in and yelled for her to push you again.

Even though you are sick with a fever and bright rosy cheeks and a faucet for a nose, it hasn't slowed you down one bit. You head dove into my suitcase this morning. You head dove into the Tupperware drawer, you tried to head dive into an empty bathtub. Nothing slows you down and these are things you do everyday my dear....everyday.

Yesterday after the washer incident, we had another life threatening incident. I didn't have the baby gate locked at the bottom of the stairs, you noticed this and took full advantage of the situation. The phone rang and while I answered it, you took full advantage of my lack of attention. You easily slid the gate open and were on your way. I also had laid my scissors that I had out wrapping gifts down on the steps...I know who let me be a mother? By the time I hung up from my 5 second conversation you were no where in sight. I called your name to hear you giggling from the top of the steps. I rushed upstairs and there you were sitting at the top grinning from ear to ear, holding on to my scissors. I shudder at the thought of what could have happened. I wonder at what point the Internets may call DCFS on me.

You are a climber, it is your nature, it will be the death of me. You aren't in the least bit cautious or careful, you focus on your destination and you get there no matter how hard it seems or how dangerous it may be. I know some people may thing you don't understand danger and that is what I am for, I totally agree. However I have a child older than you my dear and she is the very definition of cautious. You are so different. So free spirited, so determined, so adventurous.

If I survive your toddler hood I will be so proud of myself for keeping you out of harms way. But every now and then can you throw me a bone kid and just sit still for 10 seconds? I love you my little man, but giving me heart attacks everyday is killing me. My little accident waiting to happen.


Jess said...

Ahhh, I see you have entered my world of torment. I'm very sorry. :p
haha. I love that he is sitting so proudly in that drawer. It tickles me.

Jaimie said...

He is just adorable Mandi!!!

jennlagdavis said...

He sounds like your average boy -- and let me tell you - they get braver and braver everyday and cause multiple heart attacks in a day!!!