Tuesday, January 8, 2008

Times are a changing....

Nothing makes you realize how much your life has changed, then to take a look at the past. My best friend, Michelle, came to visit yesterday. Michelle and I have been best friends for about 6+ years now and at one point in time our lives were very, very similar. We were both grad students, hanging out at Joe's bar and living up the night life. We loved being the life of the party, we loved parades, dining at fine restaurants, going out all night. We were pretty inseparable.

Then.....I got married and she broke up with her longtime boyfriend and went to Law School. Yes I know, she went to law school after getting a Master's in Biomedical Engineering. One day she will be a very rich patent lawyer and my best friend. I just got a master's degree and got married.

Then....I had kids and she lived far away. Needless to say with a husband and a newborn and her in Law school our visits were less frequent and phone calls few and far between. But our friendship remained the same.

So last night as we were catching up and I was filling her in on diapers and playdates and she was filling me in on her love life and law school, I couldn't help but notice how different our lives are....

When Michelle arrived she had on a cute dress and cardigan, I had on jeans and a t-shirt with tons of baby spit up on it. Not kidding.

She also smelled nice and had on makeup, me I brushed my hair and teeth that morning.

Later that day we went shoe shopping and she filled me in on the great sale she caught at Saks and her new Stuart Weitzman shoes, I got Meredith 2 pairs of cute Keds! after she cried at mommy and me pointing to her feet saying hurt! we went from a size 5 1/2 to a 7...poor baby.

We grabbed a pizza to bring home..... she used a knife and fork to eat her hot pizza, I inhaled mine in between cutting meredith's up and nursing noah.

That night after we put the kids to bed, we caught up a bit more and then decided to watch a movie, I caught the opening credits, the next morning Michelle told me it was pretty good.

In the morning, Michelle came down showered and dressed at 9am, looking like a million bucks and like she had a full night of sleep. I woke up at 530am to nurse Noah, pump milk, change his diaper and get him back asleep only to get up at 8am to do it all over again, oh and I looked like I was up all night with meredith!

I have to say at 9am she did take Noah and meredith so I could get a nice, hot, long shower in peace....it was heavenly!

But yes, times have changed, I can't wait for her to marry and have kids so she can experience the joys of motherhood too! By that point I should be on cruise control!


The Owen Family said...

so fun that you got to hang with your BFF!

Jaimie said...

Love it! Glad you had a great time with Michelle.

Esme said...

I missed congratulating you on Noah's birth -- CONGRATULATIONS!

It's great that you had such a fun time with your best friend, even though you are at different stages of life. That's a wonderful thing.