Thursday, January 24, 2008

a Mimi, a Mee-Maw, a Roux, and a Zoo!

Whew! What a day! Mimi and Mee-Maw came over to make chicken and sausage gumbo for Noah's christening this weekend. I have to say my house never smelled so good from home cooking. While the Mimi and Mee-Maw were cooking, I had 4 children to watch over. My own 2 tikes along with...Adalyn and Ian who came to play. I can't complain, they were very well behaved. It is cold and rainy here so we couldn't go outside, but between the playroom, the potty and the train table we were pretty occupied. Yes, i did say the potty, ever hear of monkey see monkey do? well i had 3 little monkeys in line to use the big girl/boy potty! I did reach the decision that 4 children were too much for me. I stayed busy....I changed 5 diapers in 1 hour. It was like an assembly line, line them up, by the time I finished the 4th diaper change, Noah needed another one. Thankfully the Mimi and Mee-Maw got the stinky ones that came later. We had a good time and survived, I did feel like we were at the zoo with the kiddos running around. But they are so sweet and such good kids and honestly they entertained one another. Whew! Daddy is on duty tonight!

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laurie said...

Thank you Memaw for a roux, and Ian for reminding me why I love NOLA!!!!! {a boy in pink & green flowered boots with beads around his neck} and Toots & Adalee looking at him like he was right!!!! What a great day!!!!