Friday, January 18, 2008

Cookies and Milk

Mom this is delicious, how come you didn't tell me about the milk part earlier

Yes we indeed need more!

Meredith asked for some cookies they other day and then went and got the Oreos out the pantry. We keep them on the bottom shelf.....silly parents. She then climbed up on the stool, pointed to the other stool and said "sit". So I got myself the perfect dipping size glass of milk and pulled up a chair. Those little inquistive eyes watched me dunk my first oreo and then she yelled "SHARE!" So I pushed my glass in front of her and shared. Her eyes lit up as she dunked that first oreo and then she took the tiniest bite ever. Me, I just ate the whole cookie in one bite. I grabbed another and dunked it and then ate it again in one bite....she took her same cookie and dunked it again and again taking the tiniest little nibbles. Needless to say I ate 5 cookies to her 1. Her poor cookie was so soggy by the time she was almost finshed it. As I finshed each of my cookies she would say "share" and point to the cookies for me to get another one, of course that meant she got to get another one too.....we were sharing!

So although we don't have the definition of share down....we did bond over oreos! What else could a cookie lover want!

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