Saturday, January 12, 2008

Ready or Not, here I come.....

Does anyone know where Meredith is? My sweet 18 month old, brown hair, big brown eyes and as cute as a button. You know the really cute, quiet, little girl that was too sweet for words and melted everyone's heart. The one who willingly gave out hugs and kisses to anyone in her path and didn't have a violent bone in her body. You know that one???

Lately I swear I haven been raising someone else's child. This little girl at my house loves to hit and throw things. Will shout NO! right back at you when you ask a question. And when this little tike is real mad, she will march right on over to her baby brother and raise that hand like she may even hit him. Instead of playing with that new kitchen and all the food that Santa brought, this little girl throws the food all over the playroom and is quite destructive with that new kitchen. And I don't mean gently tossing the food out the way. I mean she looks at you with those eyes, pulls that arm back and hums things across the room like a major league pitcher. This week alone I have been hit with...... food (real and fake), dirty diaper bombs(you know how you make that cute ball when you take them off their behinds), shoes, and anything else in the vicinty of her little arms. This new little girl has even had to be taken out of a restaurant for a little redirection. She also throws herself on the floor, flailing her arms and legs violently, as she screams as loud as her vocal cords will allow. I swear this is not my child.

And I try many things throughout the day to bring that sweet little toddler back. I've tried time outs, clearly sometimes more for my sanity than hers. Trust me counting out loud to thirty while she puts her head in the corner is a nice time out for me too. It gives me enough time to regroup and get my head back on straight before it blows up. I have also tried the redirections and distractions as well as singing silly nonsense songs at the top of my lungs. Heck the other day I even got down on her level and threw the fit with her, screaming and hollering and carry on just so. And then when all else fails and my sanity for the day is clearly gone, I try bribery with sweets and ice cream. But none of these things have worked real well. Everyday this other child appears out of nowhere.

And there are several times throughout the day I get a glimpse of my daughter. Like when she wakes up and wants to snuggle right into me or when night time comes and she has to sing the Good-night song to everyone in the family before bed. Or when she wants her daddy to "swaddle" her baby just like he does Noah, and then "wocks him to seep". Or when she makes me tea on rainy days and we have a tea party. Or how she is the first to say "Bess you" whenever anyone sneezes. And those days that she randomly out of the blue says "love you mama". Or when she walks up to me and throws those little grimy hands and arms around my neck and says "bess kind" for those best kind of hugs.

So yes, I know my daughter is still around, I was just wondering when she would be back permanently or if you have seen her?!?!? I just miss her so much. I am afraid that the terrible two's are here, Ready or Not!


laurie said...

They become normal again a round 23!!!

The Owen Family said...

ha! Love your mom's comment!