Thursday, January 31, 2008

Oh the remorse???

Yes, I have classic buyers remorse and when I think of the gigantic play structure in our backyard I get a little nauseated. I really do not think you can call this thing a swingset. It definitely is not a swing set, I am hoping when Meredith and Noah go off to college we can move it to the town their school is in and save big $$ on rent money. Oh yes, the big ass play structure in my back yard.....Last night before bed Josh and I stood at the back door taking it all in. Here is the conversation that transpired....

"You know this is the kind of swing set kids want.....Not the kind they get!"

"Yeah....I know......Isn't it neat!"

"Do you think it is too late to return it?"

"Yeah...they would probably charge twice as much to take it down."

I have to hand it to my husband, it is neat. I think Josh and I have been down those slides as much as Meredith. Let's just say....happy vacations to us. Perhaps we can sleep out there for a week or two. That would be similar to the beach or disney world....wouldn't it!?!?!
The face that makes the gigantic play structure worth it!

and to show you he is getting to be a big boy too! Thanks Mimi for the wrist and feet rattles!

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Jess said...

Just think how many pairs of shoes you might have bought instead! haha. I'm sure it will be totally worth it in the long run. Also, I just realized that I can leave comments. I don't know why I didn't notice that months ago....