Friday, February 1, 2008

sobbing, crocodile tears from my little man

Yesterday Noah went for his 2 month check-up. The pediatrician said he is a "perfectly normal baby boy who is growing like a weed." And really what else do you want your pediatrician to say.....his weight is in the 75% percentile and his head and length are in the 50% percentile. So he is my better than average, average little guy! She also said his green poop was normal and that sometimes seeing the whites above his eyes was normal too. She said he really just likes to open his very wide. (Yes, my husband and a good friend who is an opthamologist also said it was normal, but a mom likes to be sure!)

Now to the bad part.....After we got the good report, that mean old nurse came in with not 1, but 3 shots. The needles were bigger than Noah's arms and legs. She stuck him twice in one leg and he screamed and had real tears and then right when he calmed down, she stuck him again in the other leg. It was awful. In the last 12 months I have forgotten how awful that cry is. He cried the whole way home and he has cried everytime his eyes are open since then. Even with his tylenol every 4 hours. It is not his hunger cry, his boredom cry, his tired cry, this is a heart breaking "I am hurt cry". I hope he starts to feeling better soon. It really is breaking his momma's heart!

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