Friday, February 1, 2008

Sleeping out

Last night Meredith slept over at her Mimi's. I know she had a wonderful time, she always does. I mean she gets donuts and Mimi and Poppa's undivided attention, and Mimi gets on the floor and plays with her. And magically, Mimi always has "pwesents" hidden throughout the house. The Meredith used the potty pwesent, the you ate all your dinner pwesent, the meredith is sick pwesent, the because I LOVE you so much pwesent....they are hidden everywere. So yes, sleeping at Mimi's is a blast. But I miss her so much when she does, I miss rocking her to sleep and getting those great snuggles in the moring. This morning when she called me bright and early to say "good morning" she started crying for her mommy and daddy when she heard my voice.....I have to say a little part of me was thrilled she missed me so much too! I hate to hear her cry, but somewhere in me there was a smile. (no offense mom!) Of course when I called back 10 minutes later, Poppa had arrived with her chocolate covered donuts and she was all better! Little booger! I cannot wait to see her and get my "best kind". (best kind of hug that is!)

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