Tuesday, April 27, 2010

what he says....so darn cute!

Today we were outside playing....

Momma, you best my friend!

I sure am doodle!


The other day we were leaving McDonald's and the car next to us was leaking air from it's front tire and almost flat.

Momma what's dat noise?

That's the air coming out of that car's tire....someone's going to be really upset.

Why momma....it bwoke?

Yep baby...it's broke and it's going to be flat and someone is going to be upset.

Momma, where my tools....I fix it!


At my ultrasound appointment yesterday..

Look momma....two babies!  as the tech put up two side by side photos of margot

No doodle, there is only one baby, you are the other baby

No momma....I NOAH!

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