Sunday, April 4, 2010

Spring Break - Chattanooga Style

This spring break we packed up the kids and the U-corn and headed North.  Not very north, but to Tennessee which is North of Mississippi.  Noah is in love with trains right now and thankfully his big sister shares that passion with him and is also into them, although not nearly as much as Noah.  So that being the case we took them to the Chattanooga Choo-Choo.  We also stayed in a train car.  The kids loved it.  Our room was an actual train car refurbished into a hotel room.  Very neat.  It was a great trip, one I will remember forever.  Here are some pics from our adventure.

Noah in the train that was set up for kids to play in, we did this daily.  He loved this choo-choo.

This is our actual train car or hotel room.  Meredith is such a gorgeous model isn't she!

This is the rest of our train car.

I have to say our accommodations were very spacious, but even so, Noah insisted he was going to sleep on top of that suitcase.  Not sure why, he wanted to several nights, thankfully we convinced him to sleep in the twin bed.

Meredith claimed this bed for we convinced her to sleep in the pop up trundle!

This is where she slept...she did think she needed the fancy bed though!

My crew with the engine that pulled our car at night when they were sleeping...not really, but they did think so.  They also saw a conductor walking around throughout our stay and they were convinced he was Sir Topham-Hat.  To be a kid again!

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