Saturday, March 6, 2010


My new name for the blog, you like it?  Me too.  The poor neglected blog.  At the insistence of my babysitter, my good friend and my husband I will come back to my poor neglected blog.  Why haven't I blogged?  Because I have spent loads less time online and when I am online I am so addicted to bejeweled blitz, I cannot find the few minutes a day to head over here. 

I used to blog while was working, yes I have also majorly neglected that blog as well.  For the record, my online stationery store is open and has been open for a while, I might update that blog soon too, so I can let everyone else know as well.  However at some point in the last 6 months, I have transformed my home office into a pink princess bedroom, complete with pink walls and a hot pink ceiling, and moved my office downstairs to share with my husband.  And since my kids no longer nap and keep me running around like a chicken with my head cut off, I don't have time to sit at a desk and leisurely upload pictures and then blog.  When I do sit I take every minute to work and play bejeweled blitz, it's a sickness I tell ya!  And at night I can't sit and upload pics and blog, because my husband is typically holed up in his office working or paying the bills and doing whatever it is that husbands do in their office, like watch ESPN.

But enough excuses about why I NEGLECT the blog.  The important thing is, is that I'm back.  I have been very busy since I last blogged, some things I may actually go back and blog about, others I just won't. So if there is something you want to hear about, like my fantastic roast beef poboy, tell me.   But since I vowed to make this blog into a book for my kids and I am only several years behind on that too, I am going to start blogging again regularly, at least until our third little bundle of joy gets here to keep me up all night and reminds me of all the joys of motherhood and what it is to function on two hours of sleep.  Yes, until then.  So here is what when down since you heard or "read" me ramble on no particular order...

- I went to Miami
- My team won the freaking shit!
- I cried when they did.
- I sat in Sun Stadium as they did it!
- We had the most awesome experience there and funny tales to tell about it, I might blog about some.
- My baby girl is started growing up and surprised me with some of things she says
- My baby boy started getting too cute for words
- He has gotten sassy
- The kids and I painted with a jaguar
- I thought I was going to die...figured out it was only a kidney stone
- Passed the kidney stone with no pain medication....would NOT recommend that
- I ate one of the best damn roast beef poboys ever and have been craving it since
- I booked the location for Meredith's 4th birthday party
- I took several trips to the zoo
- I took several trips to the playground
- I went on the best picnic ever with my little family
- I was a single mother for a week
- I went out on a girls night...okay a few
- I attended 2 valentine parties
- I played in the snow AGAIN in SOUTH MISSISSIPPI
- I decided that global warming was not as serious as Al Gore proposed
- I read 4 books, yes I've been reading instead of blogging
- I've felt the caboose kick everyday....alot...this caboose may be a soccer player or a field goal kicker one day!
- I attended a conference to continue my speech therapy license, just in case I ever need it again
- I've eaten more Big Macs than I should have, pregnancy cravings...not my fault
- My most frequent restaurant ever became McDonald's
- I have been going to the gym...damn McDonald's
- I watched our priest, the one who baptised Meredith and Noah on Jay Leno
- I also saw him on our priest who does mass on Sundays....seriously
- I am currently craving a roast beef poboy from short stop
- I decided strawberries are my new favorite food along with Big Macs and roast beef poboys
- I am also loving french fries
- I have gained 14 pounds....I'm's good to gain weight right?
- I found out I have a placental cyst and am heading to see a specialist to make sure everything is okay with the caboose
- I found out the caboose is going to be a LITTLE GIRL!
- I picked out a name for our little girl, with some help from my husband
- I went on a shopping spree by myself and bought her some "new" newborn clothes, poor baby isn't getting much else new, at least not yet.

Well there you go, tomorrow I will regale you with stories from the Superbowl and our experience of painting with the jaguar and about finding out the sex of our caboose and update you on the cyst.  Why, because I just finished my last book and taking two kids to the bookstore right now only results in me sitting by the train table and not perusing the books.  So yes, I'll blog again at least until July or until I get a new book to read.

Later peeps....have you missed me?


Julia said...

Yes, have missed the blog! Keep it up; you'll be so happy you did one day...

Amy said...

OMG!! A girl:)

Meredith must be sooo excited!!!! Congrats:)

allison said...

I'm glad you're blogging more!