Monday, May 5, 2008

The doctor is in....

Last week when Meredith was sick, we went to the doctor twice in two days. She learned a lot in those two days. She learned that the doctor put something up to your chest to listen and says "great job Meredith!" She learned that she also uses something to look in your ears and in your which point the "gockga says Ahhhh." She learned that the doctor will also say "great job mizit" for that too.....and then you will get a sucker. She also learned that it really sucks when you have to have blood drawn in the lab, but you will get 2 suckers.

Yes she learned a lot in those two doctor visits. So much that when she got home she grabbed some tools that sort of looked like the doctor used and made Josh and I her patients. She was a lot rougher than the pediatrician and we did not get suckers.

So on Saturday her Daddy bought her, her very first doctor's kit. Now "Mizit is gockga" too! This lovely doctor's kit even came with a pager and cell phone. Look below she is wearing it just like her daddy does. I already want to throw her pager in the toilet with his.

Today when her pager went off for the 100th time this morning it hit her....her daddy might be a "gockga" too!

"momma....mizzie go work!" holding her ringing pager

"Did the hospital call you again sweetheart"


"gockga mizzie....toddler talk...toddler talk" hangs up....."bye bye momma"

"Are you leaving?"

"uh-huh....mizit work"

"See you later, have fun at work!"

If only she could bring home a pay check. Oh wait that would be against child labor laws. Oh well. Here is a picture of "gockga Mizzie".....yes we have given her nickname a nickname.


Blair said...

Oh man! Charlotte needs one of those! Where did he get it??

Esme said...

That is just too cute for words! I love the nickname (and the nicknamed nickname)!