Tuesday, June 23, 2009

What she says....priceless

Tonight Meredith was playing "doodlebops." There is no specific game, it's just where each member of the family gets to be a different doodlebop. Tonight Josh was Rooney, Noah was Mo and Meredith and I were both DeeDee.

All of a sudden Meredith ran up the stairs to get something and on her way down she tumbled and went down head first. I saw it in slow motion and I knew she wasn't hurt badly. She hit the floor and was stunned in silence, this is one of the few if only time she has fallen down the stairs. After a few miliseconds Josh and I reacted so she did too, she started sobbing.

"Meredith are you okay....did you hurt yourself....Meredith, baby are you okay?"

sobbing, sobbing sobbing "I'm not Meredith.......I'm DEEDEE!" in the most pitiful sobbing voice ever.

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