Wednesday, June 26, 2013

What he Says.....Private Parts - A Hysterical Conversation

The other day Noah rushed in....

"Momma my privates are bleeding!"



"Calm down and let me see."

My very modest child, pulls down his britches and shows me the's not his's the skin on his body above them....a tiny little scratch that is not indeed bleeding.

"Buddy, your privates are not bleeding, you just have a little are okay."

Insert my overly dramatic two year old, who is not fact she wears her "shakabooty" all the time."

"My pwivates are bweeding too!  My pwivates are bweeding too, Momma!"

"Are not Margot!"

"Yes dey are Wo-wah...Wook mom....Yes dey are!"

"Let me see."

Hurries to pull down her britches too....afterall she loves her "shakabooty";  while my overly-sensitive, very concrete 5 year old complains she doesn't know what the hell she is talking about.

"Margot your privates ARE NOT fact YOU DON'T EVEN HAVE PRIVATES!"

"Noah, yes she does have privates."

"Yes Wo-wah I do have pwivates.....see and it's bweeding!"

"What that little butt right there....that's not privates."

"Yes, buddy that little butt right there is her's called a vagina.... and Margot it's not bleeding, we have several years for that."

"See Wowah!"

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