Sunday, May 2, 2010

All things that glitter are this household!

If you read my last post you realize how sad I am about this "school" year coming to a close.  It also means dancing, gymnastics and all other "school" year activities are coming to a close, much to Meredith's dismay.

Last week was her last week of dancing....she again thinks everyone else will continue to go and I am just keeping her out!  However, when she learned she would be getting a trophy at this class she was somewhat appeased.  Somewhat, because she really had no clue as to what a trophy was.  She quickly realized what it was and it is her new treasure.  She LOVES her trophy.  It is like gold!  She has currently placed it in the kitchen on the island for all to see.  Occasionally she will hold it and prance around the house with it.  I cannot tell you how jealous her little brother is.  I might just have to find a trophy store soon.

Here are the girls getting ready to the tap dance for their parents.

Doing her dance, is it me, or does she look so grown up here...sniff, sniff.

My big girl....."mom I am so big....I mean I am four now!"

going to get her flash is obnoxious!

Her and her cute little dancing teacher, who owns the studio!

Here dance class...notice Meredith checking out her trophy....she loved it!

Here she is looking at me.

Her and her beloved trophy.  Funny story.....right after I snapped this, one of the little brothers of another dancer, came and snagged her trophy.  She didn't dare say anything, but there was worry written all over her face.  The little boy's dad finally got the trophy from his iron fist grasp and returned it.  Meredith was elated.  She quickly handed it to me to put in her dancing bag for safe keeping.  When we got to the car, she asked for it back right away.  Poor Noah hasn't had many chances to hold it.

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