Sunday, May 2, 2010

Dear Number three,

Can you believe I am 29 weeks either.  Time is flying.  I am betting these last 10 or so weeks will drag on.  We live in South Mississippi where it will soon be in the 100s and feel like 130s.  I'm a little concerned about making it through the summer in my 9th month of pregnancy.  It's only May 2nd and I'm only 7 months pregnant and I'm already burning up.

You are doing great.  That pesky cyst is still there and since that big fancy ultrasound on the hd tv 8 weeks ago, it has doubled in size from 4cm by 3cm to 8cm by 7.9cm.  I have to say, I'm a little worried.  Dr. B is not concerned at all, although he never seems to worry about anything.  I have to say that's probably why he is a such a great fit for me, because I worry about everything.  He safely delivered your brother and sister so I do trust both of our lives in his hands and try not to get to anxious about stuff when he tells me not too. 

You are growing rapidly and kicking like crazy.  You move more than either your brother or sister did.  According to your last ultrasound, which was last Monday, everything is still looking great.  I have gained a total of 20lbs so far, and I want to say that is less than what I gained with my other two pregnancies, but until we get to the end I won't say anything for sure.  I'm superstitious like that.  You are sitting really low like Meredith did, you jump on my bladder all day long.  And just like with Meredith's pregnancy, my legs, ankles and feet are all starting to swell.  I hate that part, but I know you will be worth it.

Right now I am craving sweets.  It's hard to resist.  I try really hard not to indulge, but often give in.  I also crave coke, french fries and Big Macs from McDonald's.  And sushi....they have the best shrimp and asparagus appetizer at our local sushi's like heaven on earth.  Anyway it sounds healthy, but it's fried and covered in a sauce that is probably like 1000 calories and that is ALL I WANT TO EAT.  Its funny, sushi was one of the only things I couldn't go near when I first got pregnant with you, however now I would eat it every night if given the chance.  I also eat a lot of shrimp and fish with your pregnancy, no matter where I go.  Except for McDonald's there I get a Big Mac and a hamburger too....shhh don't tell anyone.  The Big Mac is for me and the hamburger for you.  At least that's what I tell your siblings when the look at all the food I'm eating.  But most other meat is a huge turnoff, even filet mignon.  That's probably why my iron is incredibly low and I am anemic.  I cannot stand the thought of red meat and chicken.  I do cook it for your dad, brother and sister and occasionally eat it too, but typically it's not what I want.

We started decorating your room finally.  You are getting your big sister's old room and her old bed.  You did get a new dresser and by far the most expensive wall hangings to date.  My mom, your mimi, gave me some old family baby bonnets.  I believe they belonged to your great-great-grandmother Stelljes, who you will be named after and a baby cousin who died when he was a toddler.  I had them individually framed and had to remind myself to breathe when I got the bill for the framing.  This will be an heirloom that will be passed down to you one day.  I know as a third child you will get a lot of hand me downs, I'm hoping this is one hand me down you will cherish.  The rest of the room is also coming together, I will post some pictures when it is finished so you can remember it.

The days are going quickly and while I know you big sister is going to be thrilled to meet you, I expect her to be a little bit jealous as well.  Your brother, will have some major adjusting to do.  Today we washed, folded and put all of your tiny clothes into your new dresser.  He was very helpful by just throwing them in.  He picked out some pink, footed pajamas and tried to squeeze into them insisting they were his.  When this didn't work out, he then went for some tiny pink, green and yellow tennis shoes that are 3 sizes too small for him and tried to squeeze his foot in them.  I know in time he will love you and take care of you, I'm just not real sure when that time will come.

Well my tiny baby number three, we are anxiously awaiting your arrival.  I'm a little worried about how I will handle three babies, but I know it will all work itself out.  I can't wait to meet you.

Love you so much already,

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