Wednesday, June 23, 2010

what she says....hooking up

Yesterday Meredith unintentionally said the most hysterical thing.  It sent Josh and I into a fit of giggles and poor baby, bless her heart, had no idea why.  Josh immediately corrected her, because she is getting to the age where her peers may also laugh at her mis-use of words.  I know this is best, but a big part of me is going to miss all those made up words.  Like ambulancer or fosa(sofa). 

So yesterday my baby girl had a bad case of the hiccups.  I had heard them off and on all day, her dad just getting in didn't hear them to know what she meant right away.

After a big hiiii-cuuup she said...
"Man I got these hook ups real bad!"

Josh stared at her wide eyed having no clue what she was talking about and a little afraid since his 4 year old was talking about hooking up, until we heard hiiii-cuuuup.  Then we giggled silently as she walked out, because she hates it when you laugh at her!

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