Sunday, June 27, 2010

There is a reason she was last and not first

Thursday night was rather eventful here.  At 1am, we made the infamous call to my mom to please rush over to stay with the tikes so I could head to labor and delivery.  Why?  Not because of contractions or because my water broke, no, not that at all.  That would have been a blessing.  No, we headed to labor and delivery because I was most positive I was suffering from yet another kidney stone

You know, now that I think about it, I don't even think I mentioned that at 16 weeks pregnant with the caboose I passed and caught a kidney stone WITHOUT pain medication.   Oh yes I did internets, and I will tell you it was some kind of painful!  I awoke that morning thinking I had the worse UTI known to man, so I headed to my ob's office where I did a urine analysis.  Upon receiving those results my ob told me that he didn't think it was a UTI, but there was so much blood in my urine he was convinced it was another kidney stone and that I needed to head to my urologist and dear friend's husband's office.  So on my way there I stopped in the restroom in my ob's office where I cried in pain as I passed a few fragments of a stone.  I tried calling my husband and when I couldn't get him, I called my friend whose husband is my urologist and told her where I was and that I was dying and to call 911 to let them know that there was a pregnant lady in the waiting room bathroom who was going to die trying to get to the urology department.  I can be very dramatic.  She hung up with me to get help and thankfully my husband called back and came and got me otherwise I am sure I would have sent many a woman into early labor as they saw my corpse laying on the bathroom floor.  When I got to urology, they gave me a cup to give another urine analysis and believe it or not, I caught the little fucker in the cup.  I did, I swear.  Do you know how hard it is to catch a kidney stone...or how very hard it is to pass them with pain meds.  I'm not sure why I didn't tell you this story, but it happened.  And for the record I'm telling it now, so that there will be no "Mom you are so making this up!" when Margot is 16 and giving me some sob story, it is now officially on record.

Anyway back to Thursday night, I had the right back-sided pain that normally accompanies a kidney stone, trouble using the potty and then just lots of pain.  Of course the trouble using the potty came first, and with previous stones, it is normally in reverse.  Back pain, then trouble with the potty, then the crying, kicking and screaming.  But even though they weren't in the usual order, I still had all the symptoms.  I knew there wasn't much anyone was going to do for me over the phone without a urine analysis, so after trying to wait it out, the pain became so intense and then contractions started, that I had Josh call labor and delivery and they instructed us to come on in. 

We got there at 1:30am and the first thing I did was pee in a cup.  They then came in and gave me an iv for fluid and iv pain meds.  Thankfully those little meds worked immediately and like a charm.  Every three to four hours they came back to give me a few more.  I was delirious from pain and from the medicine so my memory is pretty fuzzy.

At 6:30am the ob on call from the night came in to ask if I was still in pain, which I was and to let me know that urology would be in to see me soon.  Josh had heard somewhere around 5am that my urine was clear, he then texted our friend, my urologist, to let him know he would be consulted that morning and what was going on.   At 7:30, my urologist came in to give me some of the best and worst news of the day.  I'll start with the best, my urine was clear, no blood, which meant in all likelihood it was not a kidney stone.  I was elated, because if there was no stone, that meant that the little sucker would not have to work itself out.  The only way to know for sure was a CT scan which isn't very good for the caboose so I opted not to do one, he along with Josh agreed with that decision.  The bad news was it was most likely the caboose's positioning that was causing the pain. 

She is so low and sitting on my bladder, blocking me from being able to potty which in turn in causing my kidney lots and lots of discomfort.  Yes, my caboose is now my very own kidney stone.  Like I said, there is  a reason she is my last born and not my first, because she would very well be my only.

Around 8:30am, the new ob taking over came in and she asked how I was doing.  I filled her in on my urologist's theory of the pain.  She then checked me and said without even getting to my cervix, she felt the baby's head, she was that low.  She also agreed with his theory or diagnosis of the pain.  The very bad part is there is absolutely nothing anyone can do for me, except prescribe me pain meds.  Because, pain due to her positioning is not a reason to take a baby early by c-section.  The on call ob wanted to keep me another night to monitor my pain, make sure I didn't go into early labor and also make sure no other kidney stone symptoms did appear, since we weren't a 100% sure.  I agreed reluctantly, when I found out they wouldn't just get the caboose out of me and off my bladder I just wanted my bed and a good cry.

Josh then called my ob who was at home with the day off, after talking to him, and the fact that I had learned they were putting me on a clear liquid diet, I decided going home was the much better option.  So at 11am, we headed home.  Friday was touch and go, I took my pain meds every 4-6 hours as recommended and when I decided to wait until 7 hours it was miserable.  That night was also rough, I awoke at 2:30am with that severe right sided back pain and could not get any urine out.  The pain was unbearable and indescribable.  I woke up my husband who gave me my pain meds, rubbed my back and comforted me and all  my delusional thoughts.  At 3am, I decided it was best to break down and cry about how I was failing the caboose as a mother before she was even here, because I couldn't withstand the pain.  I was taking drugs, that although were deemed safe for her, I wasn't convinced was entirely true.  I mean medication affects us all differently.  Yes, I had a mini mental breakdown, but my husband was once again my rock and talked me off that ugly ledge I was standing on and made it all better. 

Saturday I took it easy all day.  Josh was Mr. Mom, he took the kids to a birthday party that morning, then swimming at my mom's that afternoon, he and my mom served them lunch and dinner while I lounged around.  Then after dinner he decided to wear himself and the kids thoroughly out and took them for another swim.  That night we all came home and tuckered right out.  I got through the night with no pain and no breakdowns and I am proud to say I didn't take any pain meds today.  Thankfully my little stone has eased off of my bladder some and though I am not completely comfortable, I am much better and able to make it without pain medication.

So yes, little caboose, there is a reason you are my last baby.  Your pregnancy has  been a whirlwind adventure.  Between the morning sickness, they placental cysts, the kidney stone, the possible broken ankle, the fall that went with that ankle, the uti, the headaches, the pain at my previous c-sections scar and now the constant feeling of a  bladder infection and kidney stone, I am counting my blessings that I only have 2 weeks and 1 day left of being pregnant with you.  And by all means if you decide to go ahead and break my water and come a little early I WILL NOT hold that against you, but I'm betting you will stay in until July 13th even though you are physically trying to push yourself out now.  I mean if you drop any lower without me going into labor or my water breaking, I will be walking around with your head hanging out and that would be just gross.

Love you my caboose....Oh how I love you!


Blair said...

Ouch! Sounds painful.

While I know this sounds crazy, try swimming laps or just floating in the pool. My sister's #3 did a number on her and the only way Sarah got relief was in the pool. Worth a shot!

Amy said...

OMG! The last part of this post literally made me laugh out loud! You poor thing! Hoping and praying the next two weeks goes by quickly and pain-free for you!

Shannon said...

I think you just convinced me that we're done & 2 is enough for this household! I don't think I could survive a pregnancy like yours! I know once you look into that adorable face, you'll feel it's all worth it though.