Tuesday, June 22, 2010

My grandfather....their great-grandpa

My grandmother was one of my most favorite people in the world and she died 7 years ago, the weekend before I went on my first date with my husband.  It pains me that he never got to meet such a special woman, because he woud have loved her as much as I did.  I know she often looks down from heaven and is very pleased with the man I decided to marry and is in the love with the family we created.  That being said I take the precious time that my grandpa has left on this earth and I make sure to take advantage of it, I make sure he knows my children and my husband.

My grandfather is also very special to me.  Growing up I was dubbed the apple of his eye and I have to say I love that man dearly.  Unfortunately we live 2 hours away from one another and with 2 tikes and a husband who works a lot, we don't get to visit as often as we like.  And him being 92 traveling here to south Mississippi is not always easy for him either.  However we do try to visit at least once a month, because it is a blessing he is still here at his age and I want to take every bit of advantage of that blessing and have my children know him and he know my children, because what in life is more important than family?  And this is the man who created my wonderful family and has made me feel so blessed to be a part of it my entire life!

Noah and his great grandfather.  It warms my heart that at the tender age of 2, Noah knows who he is and doesn't shy away from him.

Oh grandpa you are so funny!

You just crack me up grandpa!

But boy does he love him!

My big girl was too busy swimming like a fish for a photo-op so we snapped a few quick ones when she got out the pool.

And one of just her and him.

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