Saturday, December 5, 2009

To my birthday boy

Dear Noah,

Happy belated birthday!  Can you believe you are two?  Me either.  I'm not sure how it happened or where the time went.  I swear just yesterday you were learning to sit unsupported.  Do you remember those days, because I am trying to figure out how we got from there to here so quickly.

But yes, you are two.  Your daddy says I baby you too much.  I let you get away with things I still don't let your sister get away with.  But you're the baby right?  That's what I keep telling myself.  And you are and you always will be.  Even when the caboose arrives.

You have totally swept me off my feet.  I fell in love all over again for the third time.  It was a love just as strong and powerful as the 1st and 2nd.  When you were born that early morning 2 years ago I grew a whole second heart and I love you with all of it.  I cannot describe it in words, but I love you my little boy.

When I found out you were a boy, I was elated.  I secretly wanted a boy.  I know you aren't supposed to say that, of course I wanted you to be healthy, but I also wanted you to have a penis.  And when I found out you had one, I was beaming inside.  See I didn't grow up with any brothers, it was just me and my sister and then along came Meredith and we know she is all girl.  Pink and sparkly are her domain.  But, you were brand new.  And you totally intimidated me at first.  I had no idea what to do with a little boy and those little boy parts I wanted you to have.  But I learned quickly.  I'm amazed at all the boy things I have learned in two short years.

You have changed my lift little man.  That phrase momma's boy doesn't even cover it.  You are such a little momma's boy.  And such a little boy.  You are into dirt, playing rough, getting messy, trucks, trains and airplanes.  You are rough and tumble and have no drama.  Rarely do you shed a tear.  You do know how to work the lip, but tears are not your thing.  However at the same time you give the best cuddles, you climb in my lap look at me and say "Wuv you cuddle!"  And cuddle we do.

You love to talk and you have the vocabulary of a three year old.  You talk non-stop.  You also love to sing. LOUD.  Even in quiet places like church.  You answer the phone when it rings, you tell me which way to go when I'm driving, you tell me how to fix things, or when to sit, come and play or when you want anything.  In fact you are very get that from your dad and your sister...definitely not from me. 

You have climbed out your crib and now sleep in your "boo bed."  You love your blue bed, it has blue sheets and you named it that yourself.  We tried calling it your "big boy bed", but you would have none of that.  It is your blue "baby" bed.  It is definitely not a big boy bed.  You make that fact known immediately.  Because you are the baby.  Your refer to yourself as the baby.  I often here you say "baby do" or "baby's turn" when referring to yourself.  I could eat that up.  See why it is so hard for me to accept you are two.

Part of you wants to grow up.  To follow your sister and join in on the big kid games, yet part of you still wants to be the baby and snuggle and cuddle and be carried everywhere.  I'm okay with that, if it is possible I promise to carry you in on your first day of high school.  Which hey at the rate you are gaining weight may very well be possible.  You weigh no more than 24lbs fully dressed.  You are my bean pole, very tall and very thin. 

You got a John deer gator for your birthday.  Absolute best gift ever.  You love that thing.  You drive better than your sister does, hell you drive better than your daddy does.  Don't tell them I said that...they would totally cry.  You are such a big boy on that thing.  You drive it all over the drive way and even go off roading.  All too soon I know it will be a real vehicle and so I beg....please s.l.o.w down.  Stay little, just for a little while longer. 

I love you my big two year baby!

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Amy said...

Happy Birthday Noah!!

The kids have grown so much! I was blown away by the snow pics.