Thursday, December 3, 2009

I'm back....but making no promises

Well here is my first blog in almost forever.  I had to just take a break.  For a while I quit reading blogs, quit blogging, in fact I went ahead and took my own blog out of my favorites.  Life just felt like it was too much and as much as I wanted to head over here and write down the million cute things my kids were doing and saying or blog about birthdays and holidays and every little mundane thing in between I couldn't.  Seriously, I could not bring myself to even log in to blogger.

In the last week or so I started trying to catch up on blogs, it made me miss mine.  A lot.  Then I had several request by friends (mainly Carrie) to please blog.  And then one from my husband.  So that did it for me.  At least two people missed me!  I'm not promising to be here everyday,but I feel the urge to blog again so here I am. 

Playing catch up. That probably won't happen.  But I will blog about my birthday boy whose birthday I neglected on the blog.  And since this blog is for them to one day read, I will definitely post that soon.  Noah man, I am sorry.  I just needed a moment.  One day you will understand that.  Or maybe I am just preparing you for middle child syndrome now.

In other news.  In case you haven't heard Internets.  I am preggers with number 3.  The caboose.  And yes there is only one little caboose in there with a nice strong heartbeat.  Along with two very large polyps, but that is another worry for another day.  What is life without something to worry about your children.  This has been the month of worries for me.  I am hoping next year will be a lot less worrisome.  I am also hoping in the next week or so I can stop vomiting, but I'm not expecting that to happen either.   For the record little caboose, I have been sicker with you than I was with either your big sister or big brother.   

Noh a big brother....WOW that is scary....I hope saying that gets less scary in the next 32 weeks!  I have to admit the thought of having three little stepping stones soon scares the crap out of me, but I'm ready!

So here I am back in action.  I hope you all have missed me.  Expect some more of me and a whole new look soon. I think the look was really getting me down.  Yeah it had nothing to do with my exhaustion, life, anxiety or pure laziness when it came to was all the look.

Welcome back interenets!  I hope you are still around and continue to come back.


Lindsey said...

U need to post some new pics! I always look forward to seeing them on here!

Kelli Giovengo said...

I missed reading your blog Mandi... I love it! Thanks for the update!

Jennifer said...

I missed you too! Congratulations on Number 3!


Gwyneth said...

Oh, congratulations, Mandi! I am so excited to hear about the new little one, and I hope you feel better soon.

Amy said...


I need a minute.

Holy Crap!

First, congrats because that is just amazing news! So happy for you and Josh!

Sometimes blogging can start to feel like a chore rather than a relaxing little way to vent about life's rollercoasters. When/if I start to feel like that, I step a way for awhile. It's just not worth beating yourself up or stressing out over what you're going post day to day.

So glad you're back! And so happy about your new addition:)

2Wired2Tired said...

Congrats! And welcome back! I hope it does get easier for you soon. Looking forward to reading about your family again.

Anonymous said...

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