Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Top 10 things that Bite about pregnancy!

Before I start, let me just say that I am 36+ weeks pregnant and I am at a point where I can complain! I have gained 36lbs and carry around a 24lb toddler in addition to the 36 I have been carrying around. So let me vent if you will. I know being pregnant is wonderful and I can't wait to meet my new bambino, sometimes I just wish Josh would grow a uterus!!!!

Top 10 things that really bite about pregnancy!

10. Gaining weight --- let's face it, who likes to gain weight.... No ONE! If you say you do you are lying! But we have to gain it for the baby, still it isn't fun!

9. Weight check at every appointment --- umm yeah, I can totally see I am getting bigger, but the reminder that I get when I walk in and have to get on the scale isn't too pleasent. And then the sweet little nurse likes to talk about it, like you didn't already know you put on 5lbs in a week. thanks!

8. Stretch Marks --- knock on wood, I didn't have them with Meredith and don't yet with this pregnancy, but it is still a fear! Every morning I try to look to see if I see any, that isn't easy!

7. Outgrowing clothes faster than a toddler --- everyone says oh don't buy anymore you only have a few weeks left and then you start thinking that too, ummm last time I checked going around naked wasn't an option, so really if you want to wear something you have to buy new ones especially at the end when nothing fits!

6. Swollen feet --- it doesn't come until the end, but when it happens UGH! I mean they hurt, they are ugly, they hurt and they are UGLY! and the worst part is, they don't immediately go back down when you deliver. It takes a few weeks!

5. The Glucose test --- it is easy for my male Ob/gyn to say it isn't that bad, why? because he has NEVER HAD TO DO IT! Let's face it, it taste like shit! and it makes you want to vomit and if you do vomit or take longer than 5 minutes to drink the awful concoction, you get to drink another one!

4. Hemorrhoids & Constipation--- I wasn't going to go here, but if we are being honest - let's be honest!

3. Getting Checked --- Ah one of my favorites. Why do we get checked each week from 36 weeks on..... it is painful, uncomfortable, not real fun or easy to get undressed and redressed in the Ob's office and honestly it really doesn't tell me much. I hear of women being dilated for 3cm for weeks, or women who weren't dilated and their water broke (that's me!) I mean what is the point and did I mention that it hurts! Oh yes it hurts! Check me all you want when I am in labor, but when I'm not, WHAT IS THE POINT!

2. Going to the bathroom all day and night! --- No I am not talking about when you are barely showing or not at all and think you need to go to the bathroom all the time. I am talking about when that little bambino has parked his head on your bladder and it hurts so bad and you think you are going to pee on yourself all day and night, so you run to the bathroom every 5-10 minutes just to squeeze out a little tinkle! Yep that is what I'm talking about!

1. No sleep --- So we all know how easy it is to sleep with a basketball or watermelon under your tshirt right? I mean it is soooo comfortable! Try it, I encourage Josh to all the time. What it isn't comfortable, you have got to be kidding?!?!? And you toss and turn all night and get up to potty, (see #2) all night and you think --- I can't wait until this baby is here so I can sleep comfortably again.... (insert chuckle) I'm not going to tell anyone that doesn't already know that once the baby is here, you never sleep all night again! That's right, it just doesn't happen!

So there is my list, but in the end it is all worth it! So worth it! I didn't include all the fun things about going into Labor, I am going to wait until Noah is here and that way my memory is really clear and fresh!


Adalyn's World Views said...

Too Funny! I think we should make them sleep with basketball under their shirts.

Lindsey said...

wow! that list is enough birth control for anyone! i just bumped by child bearing days back 10 years!

The Owen Family said...

I remember those last weeks! misery!!! You just reminded me that I don't miss that a bit!!! ha!

Lisa P said...

I hear ya!