Saturday, November 24, 2007


"this too shall pass"

Thanks Laura & Neely, last night I was having a bad night. Why? Noah isn't sleeping during the night and I don't mean through the night, I mean at night. Not at all, unless he is being held and since I am so afraid of squishing him, or rolling on him, or him being in bed with us until he is 10, I hate to let him "sleep" with us! So yes it has been a little rough, I mean waking for a feeding or two is one thing, waking all night to hold him and then getting up with a toddler at 7am is excruciating!

Anyway I emailed a few friends last night about a local organization we are all in and at the end vented a little about how hard being a mother of a newborn is and they responded immediately and were so comforting and supportive. Even though we weren't in one another's company or on the phone they were still "there for me!" And there advice was ...Remember that everything is just a small phase, it won't be like that forever, it will change and work itself out....."this too shall pass!"

And in the grand scheme of things, they were right!!! thanks! they also offered to help me out with the grocery or arranging a playdate with Meredith and doing lunch! Thanks girls, your emails last night were exactly what I needed. Friends -- I don't know what I would do without them!

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The Owen Family said...

glad that bit of advice helped!!! That is what I told myself every time I thought I was going to lose it or not be able to make it one more second!! It was like knowing there is light at the end of the tunnel!! Another thing is that it is the hardest the first few weeks with two b/c you are figuring it all out, it is so new, a huge balancing act, BUT it gets easier b/c it will soon become your "new normal". And things will run more smoothly.