Monday, December 24, 2007

Here comes Santa Claus....

So the children are snuggled all warm in their beds, well Noah in the soothing motions glider that was loaned by a friend that we have to give back soon!!!!! Anyway they are snuggled and Santa who has been here since 9pm is still hard at work! His elf has given up, she has dutifully set up all the presents and arranged everything in neat little piles for both Meredith and Noah while Santa works on a little kitchen!!!! Who knew a Little Tikes kitchen could take sooo long to put together and require a hammer(that is loud), an electric screwdiver and a few choice words that should NEVER be uttered by Santa himself! Not to mention Santa forgot to bring one child's stocking stuffers, it must be an off year for Santa, it isn't like he had a lot going on this year.

It may be a long night for Santa and his poor elf! She needs some sleep!

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