Sunday, December 2, 2007

Last nights BIG accomplishments!!!!

Last night was a big night for my little family of 4! Or 5 if you count the dog I want to drop off far, far away some days! Anyway it was a big night of accomplishments! Where should I start....

I got into a size small dress from Banana Republic! Yay for losing baby weight!
I also got into 2 pairs of size 27 jeans no prob! I may be ready for my 26's soon!

Now the big accomplishments.....
Noah took a bottle for his mimi. Josh and I had a Home Owners Assoc. Christmas party to go to and Mimi and Poppa babysat here! And yes my little noah took a bottle! Woohoo, Meredith never did that if you want to know why I am so darn excited!

Meredith took a cup of milk. After seeing her brother with the bottle, she wanted her own milk and actually drank half the cup! She has been asking for it since he is here and she knows when I nurse him, Noah gets milk. Well last night she drank half the cup instead of a few sips! This child hasn't drank milk since we took her bottle away at 18 mos. I mean 15mos, in case any pediatricians are reading!!!!

And my hubby got elected to 2nd Vice President of the neighborhood! Woohoo, which means he is on the campaign track to be president of our neighborhood in 2010!!!! Anyone wishing to donated money to his campaign can make the check out to me and send it to me! Oh wait! Him being president will only mean he is going to be gone more and will have more obligations and responsibilities and the poor stressed out man, doesn't need that and neither do I!!!!
SHIT!!!!!! Maybe he will be impeached!


Adalyn's World Views said...

Ok stepford wife. You are killing all of us who don't plan on baking cakes and have supercharged metabolism. I am going to kidnap you and send you back to whatever galaxy you came from. Punk!

The Owen Family said...

I love it! I love Katie's comment. Funny! You are definitely super mom!!! Way to go on your size 27 jeans, way to go Meredith for drinking milk, way to go Noah for taking a bottle (that is huge!), and last, but not least, way to go Josh on being 2nd Vice President!

Lisa P said...

Okay, so my baby weight is gone too. Ain't it grand? Except for one small problem. Have you noticed that the speed bump above your incision is worse this time? Mine is. It was a small hump the last time. This time it really sticks out. It is the only thing keeping me out of my pre-preggo jeans. I can get them closed, but you can see the darn thing. It looks like I have a garden hose lying horizontally in my pants. Sigh.

Definitely need to get Josh impeached.

mandi said...

Katey, once Jeff has been at the clinic 2 will be stepfordized too!

Laura, I am far from supermom! I would give that title to you!

Lisa, definitely know what you mean about the speed bump!