Friday, December 14, 2007

A new look

So I am giving 2 tikes under 2 a new look! I decided it was time for a change. Change is good, I like change for the most part. We have been cooped up for almost a month now and with the kiddos sick we are really homebound and going stir crazy soooooo, at least the blog gets a new look.

And today's funny...
Meredith: throws a face rag on the floor that mimi just folded

Mommy: "Meredith pick up that rag!"

Mommy: "Meredith Grace pick up that rag!"

Mimi: "Miss pick up that rag right now!"

Meredith: continues to ignore us both

Mimi: "Pick up that rag or you will get a smack!"

Meredith: quickly bends over and picks up the rag and hands it to Mimi

Mommy: is rather impressed that the threat worked so easily

Meredith: looks up with those big, brown eyes at Mimi and says..."Mack! Mack" and runs to the kitchen!

***mack to meredith means snack! she totally missed that threat!


The Owen Family said...

absoulutely hilarious!!!! SOOOOOOOO funny!!!

Lisa P said...


Jaimie said...

I want a new look!