Wednesday, December 5, 2007

Things you would of never dramed of doing with the 1st....

So yesterday a friend of mine and I were talking and she asked if caring for a newborn came back naturally? My response was no! There are tons of things I forgot...... like how to help them set their internal clock, what to eat and not eat that can cause gas, how to swaddle appropriately & effectively!

I did alot of things to prepare for my first pregnancy, that I didn't do with this one, for instance....
- I never read one book. With Meredith I had read a ton!
- I had her car seat out for months, making sure everything was just right. With Noah, Josh grabbed it out the attick a day or two before we went to the hospital. I am embarrassed to say there were cheerios and cookie crumbs all under the padding. I am even more embarrassed to say it is all still there.

And I do a lot more things as a mother, that I would never have dreamed of doing with my first....
- Noah's little behind stays in his poop a little longer than Meredith ever did! I just can't drop Meredith or what I am doing at that moment to always change him. But I do try!
- Josh and I threw out that rule that the baby will never sleep with us, right now it is SURVIVAL people...all about doing what works!
- I would have died if a toddler head butted my newborn! Now I just make sure he isn't bruised and he is breathing and move on! He will be tough!
- I washed Meredith clothes daily and every blanket that hit the floor! Yeah right now Noah covers with whatever we can get our hands on that his big sister doesn't take first! And I bought a lot of gowns for days when the laundry piles up.
- Powdered donuts are now a healthy breakfast! That is when you have a toddler crying to eat and a newborn crying to nurse and no time to fix an egg or oatmeal! (I know my mom and aunts got on me for making Meredith eat healthy and not give her sweets --- ladies that isn't a bad thing when she wasn't asking for sweets.... I knew that would come in time!)
- Staying in pjs all day is perfectly acceptable! I used to dress meredith because she had so many clothes she had to wear. It is really okay if noah doesn't wear them all because I am too tired to put an outfit on him. If there isn't a decent amount of spit up on his gown, he is good! Me too! I can wear a certain amount of spit up before I meet my "change clothes threshold"

All in all, it is going well! I think we may plan the third soon!


Lisa P said...

Ditto on all of this! LOL!

Hey, you need to change your blog header. The future is here!

Brandi said...

Yep... ditto on the spit up, lol!!

The Owen Family said...

love it. I forgot it all too the second time around with a newborn. It is amazing all the dumb questions I was asking the nurses before we brought Logan home. I am surprised they let me take him home! BY THE WAY, Did I see that correctly....planning a THIRD!??