Friday, February 15, 2008 at my crib!!!

Ever see that onsie that says that saying....3am party at my crib?

I have seen it mulitple times and during my pregnancies...yes, both....I thought it was cute. I thought it was cute my first pregnancy because I had no idea what I was in for. I thought it was cute my second pregnancy, because I was looking through rose colored glasses and thought it would be easy to get up again with my baby like it was for my first. I guess it slipped my mind that I have a toddler who is up at the crack of dawn raring to go. That or pregnancy senility hit me and I forgot what it is like to be awaken out of a deep sleep by a screaming baby....some nights it is like a freight train ramming right into your head.

Today that onsie is not all!!! Because my son thinks it would be neat to throw a party in his crib at 3a.m. Yes, the foot stomping, hip shaking, screaming type of shindig! Some days he throws his parties a little early like at 1a.m. and they last...All Night Long!

I am at my wits end! How do I get this child to sleep?

I could do the old "cry it out method" then I run the risk of Meredith waking up. And if I know one thing about Meredith waking up, it is that she does not go back to bed easily. So I get out of bed and sleepwalk upstairs and nurse the little party animal. Now I know that I am building a rushes upstairs to nurse the baby. Yes I already know that...please do not emphasize this fact to me.

I could go back to the baby whisperer, but I tried that method with Meredith and the only thing I remember whispering with clenched teeth was....."I paid $20 for another damn book that says you are supposed to sleep if I whisper shhhh! baby go the hell to sleep!" Basically that method did not work for me either.

I did recently buy the DVD "Happiest Baby on the Block", see you can tell I am press for time and no longer have time to read. Dr. Karp is all about swaddling the baby...really the 5 S's....uhmmm....I think Swaddle, Sway, Shhh, Shit I cannot remember them all, but I am pretty sure sleep was in there somewhere. This method did work at first, we would swaddle that little tike so tight he could barely breathe and he went right to sleep. Now he is too long and too strong to stay in there as snug as a bug. The minute he is swaddled two arms pop right up.

I tried the begging, pleading and praying method....that too got me nowhere. So now I am asking you my blog do I get that little tike to bed? Please somebody....anybody....give me some good advice. The only thing that helps right now is knowing I am not the only one getting up at 3a.m. And I know it will not last forever, I am just afraid it may last for another 9 months. It lasted that long with Meredith.


Olivia said...

I am so sorry that you aren't sleeping well. Marion was and still is not a good sleeper and the cry it out method never worked for her. I don't think you should feel bad about not letting Noah cry in the night b/c everything I have read about that method says that babies are not really capable of self soothing until the age of six months, so don't feel guilty no matter what anyone says. I can also identify with the not wanting to wake sleeping toddler problem. I have DAvid sleeping in a little bed right on the side of our bed and sometimes (not always) I am able intercept the wake up-when I hear him start to squirm or whine if it is not time to eat I can pop in a paci, or shh him to sleep. This sometimes works,I know it doesn't teach him anything, but I don't think you can teach a 3 month old how to sleep soundly anyway. Hang in there girl. I was so tired today my teeth hurt:)

The Owen Family said...

I remember the whole sleep issues..Neither of mine slept until they were 10-12 months old when I weaned them , that and I let them cry a little around that age b/c I finally got major desperate...but remember "This too shall pass"..There is light at the end of the tunnel. My major advice for not waking Meredith up and I did this with Thomas is a sound machine, and crank it up high enough where she won't hear him when he cries. Worked like a charm for us. You can get them at Walmart in the phamacy/diabetes section for like 15ish dollars, we set ours on the "water" one so it sounds like a creek or something. I had to do this with Thomas when he was little b/c our neighbor had two very loud dogs that loved to bark right by his window. I agree though that none of those sleep books work, I have read them all, read all the articles, asked all the people, and basically it will happen when it happens and just keep up the good work! Hang in there! Just a phase. Your doing a fantastic job!

Blair said...

we have this fan:
for both girls rooms. If you put them on high, it helps block out a ton of noise. Charlotte has yet to wake up. Even for loud movies and she is right down the hall.
Also, you could try just one night, maybe on a weekend when Josh is home to help, letting him cry it out. Just to see if he would even wake her up. Frances has gone back to waking up at 4 am. I thought about letting her cry it out since I know she can make it longer without eating, but then I feel guilty. What if she is in a growth spurt? So who am I to give advise? I go running to!

Jess said...

My advice would probably be the worst considering Carter was the most awful sleeper and would only stop crying if I took him in bed with me.....where he still sleeps. I'm so sorry you aren't getting enough rest. No sleep, hurts.

Adalyn's World Views said...

Figure it out so I don't have too. He may be that 20% that has trouble sleeping through the night. I think Dr.Ferber says not to let them cry to six months. That's when we did Adalyn. I'm hoping Burke will just ease into a 12 hour sleep. Ha! maybe after some wine. J/k

mandi said...

Thanks girls. I think my expectations may be too high. Ugh why can't they come into this world sleeping at least 8+ hours a night...wouldn't that be fabulous!