Wednesday, February 6, 2008

Motherhood Confessions

You know like taxi cab confessions. here are a few of mine....

- Meredith watches way more television than I would ever admit too!
- I often eat cupcakes in the pantry so she does not see me and scream cake, so she can have one too!
- I have pretended to not know she was dirty and send her off to see her daddy.
- Ketchup is definitely a vegetable in this house, as well as a staple with every meal.
- when she wants to play with a really aggravating toy, I will turn it off and say it is broke.
- I have pumped and dumped.
- My daughter went from a size 5 shoe to a size 6 1/2 and I never noticed that her shoes were too small.
- The Wiggles are my answer for any crisis, even before Dr. Sears.
- I have always shared my dinner with Meredith when she wants, but sometimes I did not want to.
- I have put her down early for naps when I just needed a break.
- I sometimes tell her the bubbles and playdoh are broke, those two activities can be quite messy.

So moms, I know you are out there......What are you Motherhood Confessions?????


Blair said...

at least you are dumping! Oh, I have too many confession to list.
I put Charlotte down early when I need a break too.
When Frances is upset and I don't know what to do, I nurse her. Poor child is probably going to have eating issues!

Jess said...

Haha! The Wiggles are my afternoon salvation, Ranch is the dip of choice in this house and most of the time Carter sits too close to the t.v. but I'm too tired to reprimand him. Hmmm, also I've hid food from him so I could eat something without him demanding a share and I often act like I can't find a toy (that I've just hidden)so he will stop playing with it...or I say it's broken. Coloring and playdoh stress me out.

laurie said...

Did you say playdoh??????lov ya!!!!!

Olivia said...

I can type, eat, cook, put of makeup and use the bathroom(gross I know) while breastfeeding or holding a sleeping david, one of Marion's first words was Elmo, and most days marion gets her vegatables from ketchup and V8 splash.

Josh said...

Our poor child. I sent Meredith to you and pretend I don't know she has a dirty diaper!!!! :-) Love you!!!

Jaimie said...

I think you named a lot of mine!!! TV is huge in our house and I only have 1 child!