Thursday, February 21, 2008

Oh yes he did...

I honestly cannot believe he did it either.......

So the other morning my tikes slept late, and by late I mean 8:30am. That is late... that is sleeping in... that is a LUXURY... that is unheard of in this house.... especially both of my tikes at the same time. But it is true the did, in fact it was Tuesday morning. Noah had slept all night and he woke up at 5:30am and nursed and then went right back to bed. Ahhhh the luxury, he is normally up for good at 6am, so yes it was a luxury indeed. It would have been really nice if I were able to enjoy this luxury, but I did not get the chance. Why???

My husband woke me up at 7:15am to ask me if his shirt matched his pants. Oh, yes he did. I wanted to scream, I wanted to ring is neck! I wanted to knock his lights out. He had on khaki dockers, the same color that he wears most mornings and a brownish colored, striped shirt..... for God's sake it was close enough. Not to mention he dresses himself every morning and if I am up I may occasionally say...."honey, that does not exactly go, you may want to rethink your shirt choice" but for the most part he does it all on his own! If he was unsure about his color selection this particulary morning that his wife and children were all still sleeping at the same time, he could have chosen one of the other dozen or so shirts of the same style hanging in his closet!!!!

But under NO circumstances has he or should he EVER wake me up out of a dead sleep in the morning, when both of my tikes are still sleeping AT THE SAME TIME! unless of course it is a real emergency, not a fashion emergency. And that emergency better be life threatening and something that cannot be handled when everyone is awake and total chaos is running the household.

I remember laying their bewildered and are kidding are effing kidding me......what the hell are you have a death wish......what in the effing hell are you thinking????

Oh yes, those are all thoughts that passed through my mind. And yes, I was mad.... very mad. And not the cute, kidding kind of mad. In fact if I had special radar eyes that could harm people, I would be collecting a big, fat life insurance policy right now. Damn husband!

If he did not learn his lesson Tuesday morning, I promise he will after reading this blog.

Thanks honey! And yes, for the most part he is a damn good husband, but on Tuesday morning he had lost all of his marbles, that or someone did a craniotomy on him while he was sleeping and removed the part of his brain that deals with logical thought processes.

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Olivia said...

Well, I can't really relate because my kids have never slept late, even in the womb they woke me up early-however. My husband (also a very intelligent scientific man) cannot grasp the concept that kahki pants and brown shoes go with anything. Poor men...Maybe we can get staci and clinton from TLC to do seminar on men's dressing, until then sleep soundly and carry a big stick:)