Wednesday, March 19, 2008

I promise I'm not going mad.....

I really am not a mad woman, I just had a crazy morning. Let me just tell you about a small part of my day....about 20 minutes actually. I had to run to the bank to deposit a rather large check....a check from a local hospital made out to the organization that I am the treasurer of. And did I mention it was a rather large check.

So I pull into the drive-thru teller at the bank. I pull up to the window of the building, not even one of those electronic "shoot the money to you" things. I go to the actual person so I can give this check to her and feel a tiny bit relieved that it is finally out of my hands. I rolled down my window and said hello and explained that I did not have a deposit slip because the check book is out and I forgot to grab a new one and yadayadayada. Then I put the check in the slot and as soon as I did a big gust of wind came through and took the check right out of the slot and into the air. Seriously. I am so not making this up.

So I yell "OH SHIT!" and everyone in the bank, tellers included are looking at me. To add more fun to the chaos my daughter in the back seat is now screaming....

"Oh Shit! Oh Shit Mama! Oh Shit" and laughing hysterically.

"Yeah baby....Oh Shit is right!"

I pull up about 10 feet, throw the car in park, jump out and start chasing my check that is still in the air. It travels all the way to the next parking lot, which happens to be a Krispy Kreme. The bank tellers are now outside, one standing guard at my minivan as I chase a check and the other helping me chase the check.

Yeah me in my sweats and the teller in 4 inch heels and a mini-skirt. Can you picture it? As I am chasing this check, I can still hear my toddler screaming "Oh shit! Mamaaaa Ohhhhh SHIT" Apparently she got even louder to make sure I could hear her since I was no longer in the car acknowledging her new word.

The check finally settles under a car, we just are not sure which one. So bank teller in the mini and heels and myself are on our hands and knees in the parking lot looking under various cars. I politely tell her in a very demanding voice, that we have to find was for X amount of dollars and I need that check. I would not even know who or where to call and try and explain what happened to this one. And like they would believe me anyway.

Eventually the teller found the check under a tire. Thank goodness!!! Really can you see me explaining this one to anybody? And then asking to issue me another check? So now with the check in the teller's hand, I jump back in my mini-van and drive back around to the teller. Meredith is still saying....

"Oh shit mama! Oh shit!"

"Yep sweetie, that was definitely an Oh shit moment! Honestly it was more like a Oh fuck! moment but you are way too young for that!"


"nothing baby...Oh shit is right!"

And that is how I ended my morning....deposit slip in hand. I happily drove away from the bank, with Meredith singing her new "oh shit" song.


Angela said...

OMG. Your story had me laughing my ass off. I used to be a teller while I was in college, and the minute I saw where your story was going, I knew what you were going to say next. We used to put a rock in the little drawer thing so that the checks wouldn't fly out.

Adalyn's World Views said...

Too good Mandi. That's why I love you! I think only this stuff can happen to us!

The Owen Family said...

so funny! I just picture her saying that over and over! ha!

Olivia said...

Girl, stories like that not only bring a smile to my face, but they help me feel like the junk that happens to me everyday is not so weird. We must play soon!