Monday, March 17, 2008

sign me up please....

Do they offer classes in diapering children? Or better yet, do they offer classes in diapering baby boys? If so....sign me up. Today I woke up as usual, to the sweet wailing sounds of Noah....which translated into "give me the damn boob you cannot have a minute to wake up....I don't care if it is 5am....I want boob!" I know that is what he is saying when he wakes up. I can already tell he like his big sister has inherited my patience.

Back to the story...I woke up at 5am and changed my first diaper of the day. At 8am I changed it again....from there on out it all went down hill. Noah has pooped all over not 1, not 2, but 3 outfits today and it isn't even 5pm! Now do you know why my laundry is taking over my house. And better yet, he has pooped all over not 1, but 2 of my outfits as well. I guess that is what I get for holding a baby who has explosive poops after he eats. Gotta love breast fed babies and how breast milk is a natural laxative.

So yes for my birthday I will take lessons on diapering little boys....I can honestly count the number of times this has happened with Meredith on one hand.

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Blair said...

it must have something to do with the second child. Charlotte has had maybe 20 in her 2 years on this earth. Frances, at least 3 a week. I have tried Huggies, and Pampers, but no difference. She just explodes all over everything. So fun.
And she is a boob lover too. It is sweet, yet exhausting.