Monday, March 3, 2008

still around....

Hi everyone, we are still here. I think I was buried alive by the overwhelming laundry piles. That seems to be my life these days. Laundy....laundry....laundry....fix a meal....clean a meal....laundry.....laundry...fix a meal....clean a meal....and so on and so on. I guess you get it. Seriously sometimes the day in and day out of laundry and cooking and cleaning and bedtime routines really get me down, so my husband seeing this decided to help me out of the funk that I sometimes get into....he took me to Target. Awww what a man! Of course we only bought exciting things like baby lotion, breast milk storage bags, pacifiers, a teeny tiny nail clipper since my littlest tike looks like he was in a fight with a bobcat and some candy. The joy of parenthood. Still Target is Target, dumb return policy in all.

Now for a funny, today I got a neatly bundled up little package from Swiffer and Mr. Clean. They have teamed up with Febreeze and sent me a few products to try and blog about. One of my favorites in the box is a Mr. Clean Magic Eraser! I am hoping it helps me out with my walls that are now a lovely shade of bright orange, thanks to Meredith and her markers! When I opened the box and showed my husband, who was holding our daughter....she looked at the box of Magic Erasers with Mr. Clean on the box and said...."daddy!" I laughed and said yep he kind of looks like daddy. And Meredith said...."No daddy.....daddy hair!" while rubbing Josh's going bald head. The honesty of children!

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