Monday, June 2, 2008

Well, we have an ear infection....again.

So the pediatrician stuck that ear thing in his right ear and said...."it looks good" and Noah continued to smile and look at him with those big, baby blues. He then stuck the ear thing in his left ear and Noah screamed and nearly came off the table. I knew right then my assumptions of an ear infection were true. Poor little guy. He has had more ear infections than he has had major milestones at this point.

And since that is the case, the pediatrician gave us the referral to the ENT to see about getting tubes in his ears. You know big deal. Until it is your child they want to put under general anesthesia for at least 7 minutes. So if you pray....say some prayers for Noah. And if you don't pray....say some anyway. His momma is scared!


Annie said...

awww, Mandi.. I know you must be scared. Poor little guy, must be miserable. Noah and your family will be in my prayers. Hopefully, the ENT will have another answer to the problem besides tubes. Keep me updated.

Shannon said...

Poor little guy and poor mommy! I know seeing your kids sad or hurting just kills you. Saying a prayer for little Noah and the rest of the family.

Blair said...

will be praying for you! sad you had to miss Jon and Kate. Hope Noah is feeling better soon.
Both my brother's boys had to get tubs in their ears. not fun!