Wednesday, July 2, 2008

More Milestones

This week Noah has started saying ma-ma-ma-ma-ma and da-da-da-da-da.

He also says ba-ba-ba-ba-ba and is very good at raspberries and spitting bubbles. Meredith is also pretty good at spitting bubbles back at Noah. In fact skip your shower tonight and just come on over and get a shower....we tend to get carried away sometimes.

Noah has also gotten really good at crying Ma-Maaa when I lay him down for his nap. He gets really mad for like 8.5 seconds, cries out Ma-Maaa in the most pathetic little cry and then rolls over and naps. Each and every day, talk about a momma's boy. It almost makes me pick him back up and hold him....but then I remember the nap time is sacred!

Then there is the really cute head shake, not sure what it means but it is almost if he is saying No-no. And when he does it, he has the cutest biggest grin from ear to ear. Maybe he picked it up from his big sister who is always telling him No-no when he touches the toy she is playing with. Oh let the sharing fun really begin.

The wave....oh we have the cutest little backwards wave gone on as well. I love it! I also love the way he looks at me when I wave back and say "bye-bye....bye-bye!" His whole little face lights up and he is in awe, like I am showing him the coolest thing ever. He waves at me all day long.

We have also graduated to sitting in high chairs full time in restaurants and are thinking about coming to terms with weaning from breastfeeding. Not that I am ready, the coming to terms part is about me....I think Noah will do just fine. It is just that I have the nosiest little man around. He loves to be in the action and nursing him anywhere unless in a quiet room is next to impossible. His biggest distraction is his big sister, when she is around I can hang up the nursing, he would much rather play with her than eat.

So yes my little Noah is growing up.....7 1/2 months have really flown by. My sweet little boy is growing up way too fast.


Blair said...

I am having the same nursing problem with Frannie. If it is not in a quiet room, forget it. Yesterday I tried to nurse her at a playdate in a quiet room, but it was a new room to her so all she wanted to do was look around. makes it hard to nurse.
I have been pumping and giving it to her in a sippy cup when I can.

Jaimie said...

We need a video!!!!