Monday, July 14, 2008

We are learning....

"Momma, I wanna see No-wee's mea-balls and pe-nis."


"See No-wee's mea-balls and pe-nis.....his pwivate pawrts"

" don't look at any one's private parts but our own"


Tonight I was putting the two tikes in bed and had just finished reading to them both in Noah's room in the rocker, I now needed quiet to nurse him and lay him in his bed...

"Meredith go into your room and get in bed and wait for mommy to come read to you....shut the door on your way out so mommy can feed Noah"

shut the door and get in your bed....what was I thinking? she'll be hanging from the rafters

"Okay momma" quietly shuts the door as she leaves

a few minutes later I walk out of Noah's room to find Meredith quietly laying in her bed waiting for me to read to her. Where is my child?


My two year old refuses to undress herself or dress herself...the only milestone we haven't officially met for two year olds. It is stubbornness, not a delay.

"Mommy I take a bath with No-wee?"

"No you just had a bath it's Noah's turn"

"Momma I take a bath" and is profusely trying to get her night shirt off

"Momma I take a bath" still trying to get it off

"Momma I get in" undressed and naked, hopping into the tub

"What the heck...sure"

"Thank you Momma"


Lisa said...

Your blog makes me smile.
As a mom of a 'Meredith' (mine aka Meri)
I can tell you the name brings forth a head strong stubborness to beat the band...oh but they are a joy and full of ideas and creativity!
Enjoy your Meredith while she is small :)
Lisa... Meri's mom

mandi said...

Thanks! yes my Meredith is very "strong willed" as her pediatrician says!