Wednesday, August 20, 2008


Meredith started dancing school this week. This year she is taking tap and ballet. I was a little nervous as to how she would do. She did great! She loves it! It is all she talks about all week long. I don't know if she will get this excited about things as she grows up, but I sure hope so! I will never forget how excited she was for her first dancing class and how that excitement lasted the whole way home and into the next day. This class is during our usual dinner time, that did not even phase her, she smiled and walked in like a big girl never looking back! She loved it and she loves Ms. Lori her dancing teacher. I think she is the equivalent of Cinderella in Meredith's eyes. She talks about Ms. Lori non-stop!

Here is my little ballerina before we left. Sorry no pics of her in the tap shoes!
(see Brownie in the bottom corner helping me take pictures) "Mom, we need to go.....Mom let's go to dancing school!"
(after attempting many shots and trying to get her to look, Brownie gave up, see her leaving)
Okay mom, one more and I'm not looking! I am way to excited to look, I'm ready to leave! She seriously did not want to sit still to take these. She wanted to leave and go, we were 20 minutes early!


The Owen Family said...

Precious!!! Precious! Precious!!!

Esme said...

That big pink bow! That smile! How did you manage to take pictures without just squeezing her up? Adorable!

Anonymous said...

These pictures are absolutely adorable!