Monday, August 4, 2008

Mimi's early birthday gift

This year for Mimi's birthday Meredith and Noah gave her an apron and a cooking class. Not that she is a bad cook, but who doesn't love cooking classes. So Meredith and Noah set up a date for Mimi to cook with Meredith, Meemaw and Adalyn. I think Mimi was thrilled and everyone had a great time! Noah was able to stay home and have his mommy all to himself he was thrilled too!

Here is the gang, ready to start cooking. It was a pirate themed cooking class, they made pirate hot dog ships, pirate's teeth, and shiver me timbers juice. Very cute although these two girly girls would have rathered princess hot dogs, fairy wands and posh juice. Oh well, maybe next time.

Mimi with Meredith & Adalyn

Food is always on the brain with this child!

Don't you love this smile? I do!I think this picture is so hilarious, mainly because it fits their personalities to a tee! Meredith is looking rather cautious and nervous, waiting to find out (impatiently I am sure) what is going on. Adalyn on the other hand is just waiting, because she is pretty confidant she can do whatever it is they need to do, she is thinking she doesn't even need the instructions the lady is giving. I guess that is why their friendship works so well. Meredith brings caution to the friendship and Adalyn a bit of a wild side!

Yummm this taste good!

Thanks Meemaw and Adalyn for helping us make Mimi's birthday a special day! And Happy Birthday Mimi! Have a wonderful year!


laurie said...

Thank You Girls, & Noahie! We had a wonderful time!!!!!!!!! Hugs!!

Unknown said...

Thanks for including Adalyn and me. Adalyn and I had a great time with the "girls"!!! Thanks also, to Katey for giving the class, as a gift, to me. Y'all are such sweet daughters. Hopefully, Adalyn and Meridith will follow y'all's example, when they are grown.